Charter Township of Meridian
Ingham County
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Cross reference: Administration, ch. 2.
[Code 1974, § 103-1]
This article shall be administered by the Township Department of Community Planning and Development.
[Code 1974, § 103-2]
No structure or building designed for human occupancy or designed as a commercial or business place shall be occupied within the Township until a street number shall have been assigned to such structure by the Township department of planning and development, and no plat for the subdivision of lands within the Township shall be given final approval until the lots on such subdivision shall be assigned street numbers; provided, however, that the street numbers assigned to platted lots need not be affixed to such plat but may be assigned by resolution of the Township Planning Commission.
Cross reference: Streets, sidewalks and other public places, ch. 58.
[Code 1974, § 103-3]
Whenever the Township Planning Commission shall deem it necessary, in order to maintain a consistent and logical pattern of street numbering within the Township, to assign or reassign a street number or numbers, such commission shall adopt a resolution indicating its intent to make such assignment or change. Notice of the intended action shall be mailed to the occupant or owner of the land or building advising of the intended action and a public hearing to be held thereon. The notice shall be mailed at least 10 days in advance of the scheduled hearing. The Planning Commission may take final action by resolution at any time after the public hearing and the resolution shall be immediately effective. The Planning Commission minutes reflecting the final resolution shall serve as proof of the action taken.
[Code 1974, § 103-4]
The owner or occupant of all structures assigned a street number shall display such number in a prominent place on the structure, facing the road upon which the number is assigned at least four feet from the ground. If the structure is not easily visible from the street, an additional street number shall be provided on a permanent sign or plate located on the lot near the street at least four feet from the ground for good visibility. All such numbers shall be at least four inches in height, constructed of durable material, and shall be of a color which contrasts with the background upon which they are located. All numbers shall be displayed using Arabic numerals (e.g., 1234). The use of words or Roman numerals to express a number shall not satisfy the requirements of this section. Street numbers placed on mail boxes or written on curbs shall not satisfy the requirements of this section.