Township of Millcreek, PA
Erie County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Words not specifically defined in this article shall be given their usual and customary definition.
Terms not specifically defined in this article but which are defined in other statutes or Township ordinances shall be interpreted according to such other established definitions. It is not the intention of this Part 2 to establish new definitions for terms expressly defined in other ordinances, except as deemed appropriate for this code.
As used in this Part 2, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
A drawing showing the final as-built location, elevation and/or depth, size and materials of all completed public and private improvements, including easements.
That portion of a street which shall be improved by surfacing with permanent or semipermanent material, intended for vehicular traffic.
The Millcreek Township Public and Private Improvements Code, as established by this Part 2.
The construction standards for streets, stormwater management facilities, storm sewer systems, sanitary sewer systems, pedestrian circulation, driveways, sidewalks, sump drainage, parking areas, fire hydrants, guide rails, signage, driveways, access to Township streets, cable television and other facilities as set forth in this code or in other ordinance(s) of Millcreek Township.
Any landowner not a public utility company, agent of such landowner (including the landowner's contractor or resident, superintendent or tenant, with the permission of the landowner), any other applicant for a subdivision, land development approval or building or other Township permit, any owner or lessee of land or other person who, under contract with the applicant for a Township permit or subdivision or land development approval, has agreed to construct an improvement, and any other person who otherwise constructs or causes to be constructed any public or private improvement anywhere in the Township.
A private area used exclusively for circulation and ingress and egress to a street by the owner(s) or visitor(s) of the lot. All driveways shall meet the requirements of this code.
A residential building containing one dwelling unit occupied by one family and which is the only principal building on the lot.
The engineer retained or employed by a developer or other person who is charged with the design of the work and with determining the quantities of materials and labor to be paid for. This person shall be a certified and licensed professional engineer.
That security tendered to the Township by a developer to ensure construction of required improvements. General regulations governing financial security shall be as set forth in Chapter 125, Subdivision and Land Development, and other ordinances and resolutions of the Township.
The legal or beneficial owner(s) of a lot, including the holder of any option or of rights under a contract to purchase, a lessee (if authorized under the lease to exercise the rights of the landowner) or other persons having a proprietary interest in the lot.
A public or private garage or a paved, open off-street area other than a driveway or street with adequate means of access, which meets the requirements of this code and which is used exclusively or primarily for the parking of vehicles of occupants or visitors of the lot; however, a driveway serving a single-family dwelling or which is for the exclusive use of an individual dwelling unit in a residential building may be used as a parking area.
A walkway for pedestrians and/or a way for bicyclists which is not entirely or primarily located within or adjacent to the right-of-way of a state highway or street.
A street, sidewalk, path, gutter, waterline, sanitary or storm sewer, waterline, stormwater management facility, streetlight, sign or other facility which, upon completion, is to be owned, operated and maintained by a individual or private entity. Such improvements must be constructed in accordance with the regulations of this code.
A street, sidewalk, path, gutter, waterline, sanitary or storm sewer, waterline, stormwater management facility, streetlight, sign or other facility which has been dedicated to and, upon completion, will be accepted by the Township as a public facility. Such improvements must be constructed in strict conformity with the regulations of this code.
A company or entity subject to the jurisdiction of and control by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission or a cable television company.
An improvement, whether private or public, which is required to be constructed under the Township's approval of a permit or application for subdivision or land development.
A walkway for pedestrians along or within the right-of-way of a public street or state highway, which is to be constructed to the standards set forth in this code.
Those portions of an application for permit or plan approval consisting of written technical descriptions of materials, equipment, construction systems, construction standards and workmanship as applied to the work.
For purposes of this code, an avenue, boulevard, road, highway, freeway, parkway, lane, viaduct or other way used by vehicular traffic, but not including a driveway, parking area, sidewalk, trail or walkway. The term shall include the entire right-of-way established therefor.
Access by a driveway, parking area, drive or street to an existing Millcreek Township public street. Such access shall be subject to the standards of this Part 2, except for minimum volume access by drives serving one- and two-family dwellings, which shall continue to be subject to regulations set forth in Chapter 145, Zoning.
The Board of Supervisors of Millcreek Township.
The Township of Millcreek, Erie County, Pennsylvania.
The engineer employed or retained by the Township to review applications, determine whether applications meet Township regulations, inspect construction of improvements and administer this code and other Township ordinances regulating development of land. The Millcreek Township Engineer shall generally administer and be responsible for enforcement of this code.
A public service, including but not limited to electric service, gas service, telephone service and cable television service.