City of Richmond, MO
Ray County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — City administrator to act as personnel officer of the city, §103.090(6); city officers generally, §115.010 et seq.
[CC 1974 §19-1; Ord. No. 206 §10, 1-4-1939]
All appointments by the Mayor shall be submitted to the City Council in writing; and when approved by the City Council, the certificate of the City Clerk on any appointment so made shall be conclusive as to the ratification thereof by the City Council, and the person so appointed shall be entitled to compensation from the day on which he/she enters upon the discharge of his/her duties.
[CC 1974 §19-3; Ord. No. 680 §5, 4-20-1966]
The number of appointments and employees authorized by Section 125.020 are the maximum appointments authorized. In no event will the City be liable for the compensation of any person engaged to perform work for the City in excess of such number.
[CC 1974 §19-4; Ord. No. 680 §6, 4-20-1966]
All new departments must be created by the City Council either by ordinance or consent to an appointment by the Mayor by a majority of elected members of the City Council. No additional appointments of persons to work outside of the present departments shall be valid unless approved by a majority of elected members of the City Council.
[CC 1974 §19-5; Ord. No. 680 §4, 4-20-1966]
Any official of the City, commissioner or department head who uses employees which are paid on an hourly basis are to engage such employees when needed only and must keep a worksheet to be filed with the City Clerk each day signed by the official or department head showing the specific work done, where done and the parts and materials used, if any. The worksheet shall be vouched for by the signature of the department head.
Editor's Note — Ord. no. 1886, adopted September 10, 2003, repealed section 125.060 "vacation leave of employees and appointed officials" and section 125.070 "missouri local government employees retirement system" in their entirety. Former sections 125.060 — 125.070 derived from CC 1974 §§19-6 — 19-7; ord. no. 757 §§1 — 4, 9-24-1970; ord. no. 908 §1, 5-21-1975; ord. no. 1410 §1, 11-14-1990.
[CC 1974 §19-8]
The Mayor and City Council, by reference, adopt and approve the cafeteria plan provided for under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Service Code.
[CC 1974 §19-16; Ord. No. 1310 §3, 11-4-1987]
The Personnel Rules and Regulations of the City of Richmond, Missouri, and any amendments thereto, shall be on file in the City offices.