City of Farmington, MO
St. Francois County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1984 §5-1]
For the purposes of this Chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them:
One who sells goods, merchandise or property of any kind, at public or private auction, for another person, and who receives any commission or compensation of any kind for conducting any such sale; but not including one who conducts such a sale by or under the jurisdiction of any court, or pursuant to any judicial judgment or order, or any foreclosure sale of real estate, and not including any owner of any goods, merchandise or property of any kind who himself/herself conducts the sale.
Any sale of goods, wares or merchandise of any kind or character whatever by public outcry to the highest bidder, as well as the public offer of any such goods, wares and merchandise at a price beyond its value, then lowering the price or increasing the number of articles until someone accepts the merchandise offered as a purchase.
[CC 1984 §5-2]
No person shall dispose of any goods, wares or merchandise at public auction in the City except through the medium of an auctioneer licensed to conduct any such auction by the City, nor shall any person act as auctioneer without having obtained an auctioneer's license.
[CC 1984 §5-3]
No auctioneer who has been licensed by the City to conduct auction sales in the City shall do or perform any of the following acts:
Make any false representation as to the character, quality, condition, value or ownership of any goods, wares or merchandise offered for sale;
Substitute any other article for the article sold and struck off to the bidder;
Bid on any goods, wares or merchandise offered by him/her for sale, and no person shall act as an accomplice or capper for the purposes of making mock bids at any auction; or
Employ a ballman, crier, instrument of music or any other means of attracting the attention of passersby other than a sign or flag which shall bear the license number of the auctioneer.
Cross Reference — License fee for auction stores and auctioneers, §605.130.
[CC 1984 §5-16]
It shall be unlawful for any person to sell at auction in the City any goods, wares or merchandise without a license to do so as provided in this Article.
[CC 1984 §5-17]
Each application for an auctioneer's license shall be verified by the applicant and shall state the name of the applicant, his/her residence, the street and number of the proposed place of sale, the length of time for which the license is desired and the date to begin, whether the applicant has been previously engaged in a like or similar business, and the name of the owner of the merchandise to be auctioned. The application for license shall be filed with the City of Farmington at least sixty (60) days prior to the granting of the license.
Editor's Note — Reference to city collector has been changed to "City of Farmington" at the direction of the city in Supp. #3, 4-2011.
[CC 1984 §5-18]
Licenses may be issued under this Article for any period of time not less than ten (10) days and may be renewed thereafter from day to day. The period for which each such license is issued shall be plainly marked on the face of the license.
[CC 1984 §5-19]
No license shall be transferable under this Article.