City of Watertown, WI
Dodge / Jefferson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Common Council of the City of Watertown by Ord. No. 02-37 (§ 25.12 of the former City Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]
The purpose of this chapter is to specify retention periods for certain City records and to allow access to records to the same extent and in the same manner as allowed by state law.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
The individual responsible for maintaining records pursuant to § 19.33, Wis. Stats.
Has the meaning defined in § 19.32(2), Wis. Stats.
Has the meaning defined in § 19.32(3), Wis. Stats.
The minimum required period of time that a document will be maintained as described in § 160-4 of this chapter.
City of Watertown legal custodians shall maintain all records for the retention period and for any additional time period as described in § 160-6 below, if applicable. Thereafter, after the State Historical Society has waived receipt of the records (see § 160-5 below), the legal custodian may destroy the records.
The City of Watertown Common Council shall adopt the attached schedule which describes the minimum time periods for which records shall be maintained by a legal custodian.
Any record that is not described in the Retention Schedule shall be maintained for a minimum of seven years and may be destroyed thereafter, unless a longer retention period is required by § 160-6 below or by state statute, rule or other applicable law.
All records not precluded from public records status will be offered to the State Historical Society (SHS). Once the SHS has either accepted the documents or allowed destruction, the records may be disposed of appropriately.
In addition to the retention period described in the Retention Schedule, records shall be maintained for the following additional time periods:
A record that is existing at the time of a request shall not be destroyed until after the request is granted or, in the event the request is denied, until at least the time period described in § 19.35(5), Wis. Stats., has passed from the date of the denial.
A record that is existing at the time that the legal custodian receives written notice that a mandamus action relating to the record has been commenced pursuant to § 19.37, Wis. Stats., shall not be destroyed until the final court order is issued in the action and the appeals are exhausted, as further described in § 19.35(5), Wis. Stats.
A record that is known by the legal custodian to be relevant to litigation or audit that is pending at the time that the record would otherwise be destroyed shall not be destroyed until the litigation or audit is resolved.
Records may be kept and preserved through the use of microfilm or another reproductive device, optical imaging, electronic formatting, or any other reproduction format authorized by § 19.21(4)(c), Wis. Stats., and said reproduction shall be deemed an original record for all purposes, in accordance with § 19.21(4)(c), Wis. Stats.
All records maintained by a legal custodian shall be made available for inspection, copying or other use that is authorized by state law, to the same extent as allowed by Wisconsin Statutes, including but not limited to § 19.35, Wis. Stats., and in the same manner.
A requester shall pay a reasonable fee per page for a photocopy of a record, unless the requester is specifically excluded from payment of the fee by state law. The requester also shall pay such other fees as may be charged pursuant to state law, including but not limited to § 19.35(3), Wis. Stats.
All state statutes incorporated or referenced herein shall be deemed to include all subsequent amendments, repeals and renumbering that may be enacted regarding the same, in order to ensure uniform statewide regulation of public records.