City of Overland, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
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The following street intersections are hereby designated as stop intersections:
Stop Sign Location
Addie Avenue at Palmer, northbound and southbound;
Argyle at Marshall;
Argyle, northeast and southwest sides at Stella (3-way);
Arline Avenue at Stella Avenue;
Arline Avenue, southwest corner at Orlando;
Baltimore Avenue, east and westbound at Calvert Avenue;
Baltimore Avenue, southwest at Poe Avenue;
Baltimore Avenue, south side at St. Joachim;
Baltimore Avenue, east and westbound at Wismer Road;
Belt Way Drive at Walton Road;
Boyleston Court at Ashby Road;
Broadmoor at Chaucer, the northeast corner;
Brown and Forest (4-way);
Brown at Tudor, on Sundays only, between the hours of 6:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M., northbound and southbound (the stop sign at said intersection shall be a movable sign to be placed in the center of the intersection);
Bryant at Driver;
Bryant at Eastbrook, southbound;
Bryant at Lackland, northbound and southbound;
Bryant Avenue at Niblic Avenue;
Bryant Avenue, southeast corner at Thorpe Avenue;
Burns Avenue at Echo Lane;
Burns Avenue at Miriam Avenue (4-way);
Burns at Everman (4-way);
Burns, southeast and northwest corners at Flora;
Burns at Holtwood (4-way);
Burns and Ridge (4-way);
Burns, northwest and southeast corners at Tennyson;
Burns, northwest and southeast corners at West Milton;
Burton at Marshall;
Burton Avenue, northeast corner at Orlando;
Calvert at Baltimore;
Canterway at Ashby;
Canterway at Chaucer Avenue;
Carlyle Avenue, northeast corner at Lesmer Court;
Cedar Glen Drive at Ridge Avenue;
Cedar Glen Drive at Spencer Avenue;
Center Drive, northeast corner at Page Industrial Court;
Charlack Avenue at Argyle Avenue;
Charlack Avenue at Forest Avenue, northbound and southbound;
Charlack Avenue at Tudor Avenue, northward and southward;
Chaucer, northbound and southbound at Pebble Beach;
Clarendon Avenue at Ashby Road;
Cote Brilliante Avenue at Huntington Avenue;
Cote Brilliante Avenue at Spencer Avenue;
Decker Avenue at Ashby Road;
Delphine Avenue, southwest corner at Orlando Avenue;
Delphine Avenue at Stella Avenue;
Dennison Avenue at Sims Avenue, southwest corner;
Dennison Avenue at Tennyson Avenue;
Driver Avenue at Ashby Road;
Driver Avenue at Highland Avenue, eastbound and westbound;
Driver, eastbound and westbound at Bryant (4-way);
Eaglewood Avenue at Ashby Road;
Eastbrook Drive/Oak Drive at Dyer Avenue (4-way);
Eastbrook Drive at Northfield Drive (4-way);
Eastbrook Drive at Wismer Road;
Echo Lane at Huntington Avenue;
Everman Avenue at Hood Avenue;
Fairview Avenue at Oak Avenue;
Flora Avenue at Spencer Avenue;
Forest Avenue at Marshall Road;
Fourwinds Court at Ashby Road;
Gaebler Avenue at Flora Avenue;
Gass Avenue, southeast corner at Tennyson Avenue;
Gilwood at Thorpe Avenue;
Gocke Place at Thorpe Avenue;
Goodale Avenue and Palmer Avenue (4-way);
Goodale Avenue and Wabaday Avenue (4-way);
Goodale Avenue at Meadowbrook, northwest corner;
Handom Place at Ashby Road;
Hedgebur at Walton;
Highland at Driver;
Highland at Niblic;
Highland Avenue, southeast corner at Eaglewood Avenue;
Holtwood at Burns;
Holtwood at intersection with Tennyson and Gass;
Holtwood at West Milton, eastbound;
Holtwood Road at Wismer Road;
Hood Avenue at Flora Avenue;
Hood Avenue at Holtwood Road;
Hood and West Milton (4-way);
Huntington, southeast corner and Flora;
Hurstgreen at Link;
Iveland at Sims, northeast, southeast and southwest corners;
South Kalen at Woodson;
Keith Inch Court, southwest corner at Chaucer Avenue;
Krem Avenue at Clarendon (4-way);
Krem Avenue, northwest corner at Thorpe Avenue;
Lackland, eastbound at a point one hundred thirty-six (136) feet west of its center line intersection with Burns Avenue on the south (4-way);
Lackland, north side, at a point sixty (60) feet east of the east line of the portion of Burns which intersects Lackland from the south (4-way);
Lackland, northeast and southwest corners at Sims;
Lackland Road at Bryant Avenue, eastward and westward;
Lake, northwest and southwest corners at Maddox;
Lake Avenue at Oak Avenue;
Leondale Drive at Miriam Avenue;
Leslie Avenue, southeast at Holtwood Road;
Lesmer Court at Clarendon Avenue;
Liberty Avenue at Ashby Road;
Liberty Avenue at Price Road, northeast corner, westbound
[Ord. No. 2014-24 §1, 12-8-2014]
Lullaby Lane at Wismer Road;
Maddox Place at Ashby Road;
Marlowe Avenue at Hood Avenue;
Meadowbrook Drive at Canterway;
Meadowbrook, eastbound and westbound at South Milton;
Midland Boulevard at Ashby Road;
Minerva Avenue at Ridge Avenue, southeast corner, northbound;
Miriam Avenue at Spencer Avenue;
Morven Avenue at Oak Avenue;
Niblic at Ashby;
Niblic at Highland, eastbound and westbound;
Niblic at Uceyle, eastbound;
Niblic at Uceyle, westbound;
Northfield Drive at 1817, eastward and westward;
Northfield Drive at Eastbrook, southbound;
Northfield at Iveland, northwardly;
Oak at Ashby;
Oak at Dyer;
Oak Avenue at Korando (4-way);
Oak Drive at Bryant Avenue, eastward and westward;
Oak Drive at Uceyle Avenue, eastward and westward;
O'Connell Avenue at Oak Avenue (4-way);
Olden at Marshall;
Orlando Avenue, north and south, at Delphine;
Overland Dairy (private drive) at Miriam;
Overland Drive, southeast corner at Eastbrook Drive;
Overland Plaza, north exit (east side), at Seven Up Drive;
Page Industrial Court as it turns from south to west;
Page Industrial Court, northeast corner at Page Industrial Boulevard;
Pagewood, northeast corner at Spencer;
Palmer Avenue at Addie Avenue, (4-way), eastbound and westbound;
Palmer Avenue and Goodale Avenue (4-way);
Palmer Avenue at South Milton Avenue;
Pebble Beach Drive at Chaucer Avenue;
Poe Avenue at Carlyle Avenue (4-way);
Poe Avenue at Thorpe Avenue;
Poe Avenue at Westwise Court, northward and southward;
[Ord. No. 2016-07 §1, 5-23-2016]
Putter, southwest corner at Brassie;
Rhythm Drive at Northfield Drive, northeast corner;
Rhythm Drive at Wismer Road;
Ridge Avenue at Huntington Avenue;
Ridge, southwest corner at Leondale, eastbound;
Ridge, southwest and northeast corners at Spencer;
Robertson Court, southwest corner at Wallis Avenue;
Seneca Lane, northeast and southwest corners at Goodale Avenue;
Seneca Lane, northeast and southwest corners at South Milton;
Shakespeare, southeast corner at Thorpe;
Shelley Avenue, southeast and southwest corners at East Milton Avenue;
Sievers Court, southwest corner at Wallis Avenue;
Sims Avenue and Dennison Avenue, northbound and southbound;
Sims Avenue at Iveland;
South Milton Avenue, southeast side of the street and northwest corner, at Palmer (3-way);
South Milton Avenue, southeast and northwest corners at Seneca Avenue;
South Milton Avenue at Wabaday Avenue;
South Milton, northwest corner at Meadowbrook (3-way);
Spencer Avenue at Echo Lane (4-way);
Spencer at Flora;
Spencer, southwest and northeast corners at Flora;
Spencer, southeast corner at Tennyson;
Spencer, southwest and northeast corners at Ridge;
Stella Avenue, northwest corner at Argyle Avenue;
Stella Avenue at Arline Avenue;
Stella Avenue at Delphine Avenue;
Tam O'Shanter at Chaucer (4-way);
Tam O'Shanter, northeast corner at Pinehurst;
Tennyson at Gass;
Tennyson at Holtwood;
Tennyson and Hood (4-way);
Tennyson at Wallis, westwardly;
Tennyson, southwest corner at Wallis;
Terri Lee Court at Thorpe Avenue;
Theodosia Avenue at Huntington Avenue;
Theodosia Avenue, southwest and northeast corners at Spencer Avenue;
Thorpe Avenue at Ashby Road;
Thorpe Avenue at Chaucer Avenue;
Thorpe Avenue, eastward and westward at Poe Avenue (3-way);
Trenton Avenue at Ashby Road;
Trescott Avenue, northeast corner at Dawes Place;
Trescott Avenue at Spencer Avenue, all directions, with stop signs erected at each corner thereof;
Trescott Avenue, eastward and westward at Wengler Avenue
[Ord. No. 2018-18, 10-22-2018]
Trescott Avenue, northeast and southwest corners at Hood Avenue;
Trescott Avenue at Wismer Road (4-way);
Tudor Avenue at Marshall Road;
Uceyle Avenue and Driver (4-way);
Uceyle Avenue and Niblic Avenue, northbound;
Uceyle Avenue and Oak Avenue;
Wabaday Avenue and Oak Avenue;
Wallis Avenue at Flora Avenue;
Wallis Avenue at Tennyson Avenue;
Walton Woods at Walton Road;
Wengler Avenue at Flora Avenue;
Wengler Avenue at Minerva Avenue, northwest corner, southbound;
Wengler Avenue at Ridge Avenue, southeast corner, northbound;
West Milton Avenue at Holtwood Road;
Westwise Court at Poe Avenue;
Whistler Place, southwest corner at Wallis Avenue;
Windom Avenue at Charlack Avenue (4-way);
Windom Avenue at Marshall Road;
Windom Avenue at Orlando Avenue;
Wismer Avenue at Eastbrook Drive;
Wismer Avenue at Baltimore Avenue;
Wismer Avenue at Dennison Avenue (4-way);
Wismer Road at Flora Avenue (4-way);
Woodson Road at Flora Avenue, northbound and southbound;
Zykan at Sims, northeast corner.