City of Centralia, MO
Boone County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
State Law Reference — As to traffic regulations generally, see RSMo., ch. 304. As to equipment regulations, see RSMo., ch. 307. As to state Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Law, see RSMo., ch. 303. As to Model Traffic Ordinance for municipalities, see RSMo., ch. 300.
Cross Reference — As to machinery and vehicles in cemetery, see §§ 6-10 to 6-11.1 of this Code. As to littering by persons in vehicle, see § 17-6. As to regulations in parks, see §§ 21-7 to 21-9. As to railroads, see ch. 27. As to streets and sidewalks generally, see ch. 30. As to throwing or shooting fireworks from or into vehicles, see § 11-4.
Article I In General

Section 18-1 Missouri Model Traffic Ordinance adopted; amendments.

Section 18-2 Compliance with chapter.

Section 18-2.1 Municipal Ordinance Violation Bureau Clerk.

Section 18-3 Schedules of official traffic control devices and ordinances, etc., relating thereto.

Section 18-4 Removal and impoundment of vehicles obstructing, etc., traffic; recovery of same by owners; applicability of Section to private parking lots, etc.

Section 18-5 Regulation and control of obstructing freeways, etc.

Section 18-6 Use and results of speed  meters,  etc.,  acceptable  as evidence; exception.

Section 18-7 Prohibited driving age.

Section 18-7.1 Driving without a driver's license, riding motorcycle without protective headgear.

Section 18-7.2 Driving in violation of intermediate driver's license or temporary instruction permit.

Section 18-7.3 Driving while revoked or suspended.

Section 18-8 Motor vehicles to be driven in careful and prudent manner.

Section 18-8.1 Operating motor vehicles or motorcycles in parking lots.

Section 18-9 Disposition of "point offenses" upon completion of driver improvement program.

Section 18-9.1 Drunken, etc., driving — driving while intoxicated.

Section 18-9.2 Same — driving with excessive blood alcohol content.

Section 18-9.3 Same — "drive" and "operate" defined.

Section 18-9.4 Same — "percent by weight of alcohol" defined.

Section 18-9.5 Same — implied consent to chemical tests.

Section 18-9.6 Same — procedure on arrest.

Section 18-9.7 Same — procedure in municipal court for violations of Section 18-9.1.

Section 18-9.8 Same — reports to highway patrol.

Section 18-9.9 Same — penalties.

Section 18-9.10 Open containers of intoxicating liquor — prohibited — when.

Section 18-10 Commercial vehicles prohibited from driving on certain streets.

Section 18-11 Tampering with motor vehicle without owner's permission.

Section 18-12 Restrictions as to washing vehicle.

Section 18-13 Failure to maintain motor vehicle financial responsibility.

Section 18-13.1 Failure to display currently registered license plates; improper display of license plates.

Section 18-14 Highways in City declared throughways; duty of traffic to stop.

Section 18-15 Leaving the scene of an accident.

Section 18-16 Passing school bus; compliance generally of school buses with certain regulations.

Section 18-17 Rules for proceeding through school zone.

Section 18-18 Construction of vehicles for transporting dead animals.

Section 18-19 Vehicles carrying certain projecting objects to have red light or flag.

Section 18-20 Overloaded, etc., vehicles prohibited.

Section 18-21 Weight regulations.

Section 18-22 Height, width and length of vehicles restricted; exceptions.

Section 18-23 Motorcycles carrying more than one person.

Section 18-24 Lugs, cleats, etc., on metal tired vehicles prohibited on paved streets; exceptions.

Section 18-25 Throwing, etc., certain objects on streets prohibited.

Section 18-25.1 Regulation of all-terrain vehicles and prohibition of snow mobiles.

Section 18-25.2 Motorized play vehicles and motorized scooters prohibited on City streets except during parades.

Section 18-25.3 Low-speed vehicles operated on City streets — requirements.

Section 18-25.4 Stock golf carts operated on City streets — requirements.

Article II Rules of the Road

Section 18-26 Vehicles in operation to be driven on right half of roadway.

Section 18-27 Duty of driver on meeting approaching vehicle.

Section 18-28 Rounding curves.

Section 18-29 Overtaking and passing another vehicle — driving on right and left hand sides of roadway — when prohibited and allowed.

Section 18-30 Hand signals and signal lights for stopping, slowing and turning.

Section 18-31 Right-of-way at intersections without traffic control devices.

Section 18-32 Following too closely.

Article III Speed Regulations

Section 18-33 Speed limits generally.

Section 18-34 Restrictions on driving at slow speed; enforcement of and compliance with Section.

Article IV Parking

Section 18-35 Owner prima facie responsible — prohibited parking in alleys.

Section 18-36 Trucks, buses, moving vans, etc.

Section 18-37 Livestock trucks.

Section 18-37.1 Handicapped parking.

Article V Equipment

Section 18-38 Driving of vehicle in defective mechanical condition likely to cause damage or injury.

Section 18-39 Brakes.

Section 18-40 Noise from muffler cutouts, motors, etc.

Section 18-40.1 Jake braking prohibited on City streets.

Section 18-41 Signaling devices — horns.

Section 18-42 Lights and reflective emblems for motor vehicles and animal-drawn vehicles — when required.

Section 18-42.1 Passenger restraints for children.

Section 18-42.2 Seat belts required.

Section 18-42.3 Minors riding in unenclosed bed of small trucks.

Section 18-43 Chapter 307 of Revised Statutes of Missouri concerning vehicle equipment adopted; amending.

Article VI (Reserved)

Section 18-44 through Section 18-52. (Reserved)

Article VII Wrecked, Abandoned, Etc., Vehicles

Section 18-53 Abandoning or leaving vehicle on street, etc., for more than seventy-two hours.

Section 18-54 Wrecked, non-operating, etc., vehicle — leaving on street, alley or public place.

Section 18-55 Same — allowing to remain on private property longer than seventy-two hours prohibited; exceptions.

Section 18-56 Illegal parking or abandonment on privately owned land, parking lot, etc.

Section 18-57 Impoundment and sale; disposition of proceeds; recovery of vehicle or proceeds by owner.

Section 18-57.1 Definitions as used in this Article.

Section 18-57.2 Police Officer authorized to enter private property.

Article VIII Bicycles

Section 18-58 Definition.

Section 18-59 Brakes required.

Section 18-60 Required bicycle equipment.

Section 18-61 Must obey traffic ordinances.

Section 18-62 Must ride on attached seat.

Section 18-63 Must ride to right of road.

Section 18-64 Parent's responsibilities — children under seventeen; children's responsibilities.