City of Centralia, MO
Boone County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
State Law Reference — As to authority of cities of the fourth class concerning streets, sidewalks, alleys, etc., generally, see RSMo., §§ 79.410, 88.667 et seq., and 88.811 et seq.
Cross Reference — As to moving of buildings, see §§ 5-21 to 5-24 of this Code. As to depositing of garbage and refuse in streets, see § 13-2. As to transporting garbage and refuse over City streets, see § 13-3. As to litter, see ch. 17. As to motor vehicles and traffic generally, see ch. 18. As to throwing, etc., certain objects on streets, see § 18-25. As to leaving cellars, etc., open, see § 20-7. As to duty of police to keep streets, etc., clear, see § 24-19. As to sidewalks in subdivisions, § 30.1-17. As to nuisances, see ch. 19.
Article I In General

Section 30-1 Street and Alley Department created.

Section 30-2 Duty of City officers to see to removal of obstructions.

Article II Street Names and Numbers

Section 30-3 Numbers — method used to sign.

Section 30-4 (Reserved)

Section 30-5 Same — placement on buildings.

Section 30-6 Same — failure to number buildings prohibited.

Section 30-7 Names — generally.

Section 30-8 Same — change by Board of Aldermen.

Section 30-9 Same — Board of Aldermen to erect signs.

Article III Improvements

Section 30-10 (Reserved)

Section 30-11 City officers to report unsafe conditions and necessary improvements.

Article IV Excavations

Section 30-12 Protection around excavations.

Section 30-13 Removal of excavated materials and general requirements.

Section 30-13.1 Backfilling of excavated area.

Section 30-13.2 Resurfacing paved streets and other public ways after excavation of such public ways.

Section 30-13.3 Permits for excavations and requirements for issuance.

Article V Regulations Regarding Trees

Section 30-14 Definitions.

Section 30-15 Creation and establishment of a City Tree Board.

Section 30-16 Term of office.

Section 30-17 Compensation.

Section 30-18 Duties and responsibilities.

Section 30-19 Operation.

Section 30-20 Street tree species to be planted.

Section 30-21 Spacing.

Section 30-22 Distance from curb and sidewalk.

Section 30-23 Distance from street corners and fire hydrants.

Section 30-24 Utilities.

Section 30-25 Tree planting.

Section 30-26 Care of trees, shrubs, etc.

Section 30-27 Removal of trees, shrubs, etc. detrimental to public health, safety, or welfare.

Section 30-28 Tree topping.

Section 30-29 Care, removal of trees, shrubs etc. by City.

Section 30-30 Unlawful to deface, mutilate, injure street trees and other vegetation.

Section 30-31 Removal of stumps.

Section 30-32 Interference with City Tree Board.

Section 30-33 Arborist's permit.

Section 30-34 Review by Board of Aldermen.

Section 30-35 Nonliability of City.

Section 30-36 When provisions concerning owners or occupants of land not applicable.

Section 30-37 Penalty.

Article VI Sidewalks

Section 30-38 Sidewalks to be kept clear.

Section 30-39 Creating obstructions and permitted activities.

Section 30-40 Defacing, damaging, removing, etc. sidewalks, etc.

Section 30-41 Deposit of snow in street prohibited.

Section 30-42 Sidewalk specifications.

Section 30-43 Driveways — how constructed and maintained.

Section 30-44 Same — drainage; when City to provide labor and material.

Section 30-45 Permit required.

Section 30-46 Owners to bear expense.

Section 30-47 Owners to keep sidewalks repaired.

Section 30-48 Board of Aldermen may condemn sidewalks.

Section 30-49 Approaches defined.

Section 30-50 Sidewalks abutting the front wall of a building.

Section 30-51 Special assessment procedure for sidewalks.

Section 30-52 Alternate special assessment procedure for sidewalks.

Section 30-53 Deviations from construction requirements.

Section 30-54 Release from liability.