City of Centralia, MO
Boone County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
State Law Reference — Generally, Chapter 644, the Missouri Clean Water Law.
Federal Law Reference — Clean Water Act, Title 33 USC § 1251, et seq.
Article I In General

Section 30.2-1 Legislative findings.

Section 30.2-2 Scope, objectives and applicability of Chapter; City Administrator to enforce Chapter.

Section 30.2-3 Definitions.

Section 30.2-4 Abbreviations used in this Chapter.

Section 30.2-5 Priority pollutants.

Section 30.2-6 Applicability of Chapter.

Section 30.2-7 Monitoring and permitting program — establishment.

Section 30.2-8 Same — establishment of charges and fees.

Section 30.2-9 Same — review of requirements, charges, fees, etc.

Article II Prohibited and Restricted Discharges

Section 30.2-10 General discharge prohibitions.

Section 30.2-11 Federal categorical pretreatment standards — applicability.

Section 30.2-12 Same — modification.

Section 30.2-13 Specific pollutant limitations.

Section 30.2-14 Applicability of state and City requirements and limitations

Section 30.2-15 City's right of revision.

Section 30.2-16 Dilution of discharge as substitute for adequate treatment.

Section 30.2-17 Accidental discharges.

Article III Administration of Chapter

Section 30.2-18 Charges and fees generally.

Section 30.2-19 Compliance with Chapter.

Section 30.2-20 Permits — required; classification.

Section 30.2-21 Same — application; issuance.

Section 30.2-22 Same — effect of promulgation of national categorical pretreatment standards.

Section 30.2-23 Same — contents and conditions.

Section 30.2-24 Same — term; renewal; modification of terms and conditions.

Section 30.2-25 Same — transfer.

Section 30.2-26 Reporting requirements for permittees.

Section 30.2-27 Monitoring facilities and requirements.

Section 30.2-28 Inspection, sampling, etc.

Section 30.2-29 Compliance with federal and local standards; facilities to be provided, etc., at user's expense; plans and specifications; annual publication of list of non-complying users; availability of records to enforcement officials.

Section 30.2-30 Confidentiality of information.

Article IV Enforcement of Chapter

Section 30.2-31 Suspension of wastewater treatment service or permit.

Section 30.2-32 Revocation of permit.

Section 30.2-33 Notice of violation.

Section 30.2-34 Show cause hearing; orders and directives pursuant to hearing.

Section 30.2-35 Legal action by City.

Section 30.2-36 Penalties — violations generally.

Section 30.2-37 Same — falsifying information, tampering with monitoring devices, etc.