City of Centralia, MO
Boone County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
State Law Reference — As to zoning and planning in cities, towns and villages generally, see RSMo., § 89.010 et seq. As to facilities for treatment of alcohol and drug abuse, see RSMo., § 89.143.
Cross Reference — As to planning and zoning commission, see §§ 2-76 to 2-82. As to signs and billboards, see Ch. 29. As to City limits, see § 1-10. As to subdivisions, see ch. 30.1. As to various building permits, see §§ 5-1 and 5-2. As to livestock and animals, see § 4-9. As to alcoholic beverage definitions applicable to zoning, see § 3-1. As to addresses in front yard and side yard, see § 30-3 of this Code.
Article I In General

Section 31-1 Definitions.

Section 31-2 Districts established.

Section 31-3 District map — interpretation of district boundaries — classification of annexed territory.

Section 31-4 Compliance with Chapter.

Section 31-5 Interpretation of Chapter; effect of other provisions.

Section 31-6 Enforcement of Chapter.

Section 31-7 Amendments, etc. — generally.

Section 31-8 Same — protest by owners.

Section 31-9 Same — hearing required before action taken; notice of hearing.

Section 31-10 Application for building permit.

Section 31-11 Certificate of occupancy — required; contents; records.

Section 31-12 Same — for building.

Section 31-13 Same — for land.

Section 31-14 Same — for nonconforming uses.

Section 31-15 Completion, restoration, etc., of existing buildings.

Section 31-16 Group housing projects.

Section 31-17 Accessory uses.

Section 31-18 Violations and penalties.

Article II "R-1" One-Family Dwelling District

Section 31-19 Use regulations.

Section 31-20 Height, yard and area regulations.

Article III "R-2" Two-Family Dwelling District

Section 31-21 Use regulations.

Section 31-22 Height, yard and area regulations.

Article IV "R-3" Multiple-Family Dwelling District

Section 31-23 Use regulations.

Section 31-24 Height, yard, area and sign regulations.

Article V "B-1" Central Business District

Section 31-25 Use regulations.

Section 31-26 Height, yard and area regulations.

Article VI "B-2" Highway Business District

Section 31-27 Use regulations.

Section 31-28 Height, yard and area regulations.

Article VII "M-1" Industrial District

Section 31-29 Use regulations.

Section 31-30 Height, yard and area regulations.

Article VIII "B-P" Planned Business District

Section 31-31 General conditions for establishment.

Section 31-32 Preliminary plan.

Section 31-33 Final plan.

Section 31-34 Schedule of construction; failure to begin construction voids plan; effect of abandonment of plan.

Section 31-35 Adjustments and rearrangements.

Section 31-36 Use regulations.

Section 31-37 Height and area regulations.

Section 31-38 Parking and loading regulations.

Article IX "B-T" Planned Trailer Court District

Section 31-39 General conditions for establishment.

Section 31-40 Preliminary plan.

Section 31-41 Final plan.

Section 31-42 Use regulations.

Section 31-43 Height, yard and area regulations.

Article X Manufactured Home Subdivision District

Section 31-43.1 General condition for establishment.

Section 31-43.2 Use regulations.

Section 31-43.3 Height, yard and area requirements.

Article XI Special Classes

Section 31-44 Use regulations.

Section 31-44.1 Telecommunications transmission facilities.

Article XII Height, Yard and Area Exceptions and Additional Regulations

Section 31-45 Height.

Section 31-46 Area per family.

Section 31-47 Yard.

Article XIII Nonconforming Uses

Section 31-48 Continuation; changes to other uses.

Section 31-49 Repairs, alterations and extensions of nonconforming buildings.

Article XIV Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations

Section 31-50 Generally.

Section 31-51 Parking — one or two-family dwellings and manufactured homes.

Section 31-52 Same — apartment houses, multiple dwellings or motels.

Section 31-53 Same — hotels, apartment hotels, etc.

Section 31-54 Same — hospitals or institutions.

Section 31-55 Same — places of assembly.

Section 31-56 Same —  business,  manufacturing,  industrial or  warehouse  buildings.

Section 31-57 Same — improvement of parking areas.

Section 31-58 Loading space.

Article XV Board of Adjustment

Section 31-59 Established; composition; appointment; terms; organization; vacancies; removal of members.

Section 31-60 Adoption of rules; meetings, oaths and attendance; records; reporter; transcript; quorum.

Section 31-61 Office; powers and duties of City Clerk.

Section 31-62 Powers and duties generally.

Section 31-63 Appeal to board from decision of officer.

Section 31-64 Appeal from decision of board to court.

Article XVI Conditional Use Permits

Section 31-65 Conditional use permits.