City of Brentwood, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross Reference — As to library, ch. 140.
State Law Reference — Parks and recreation generally, ch. 90, RSMo.
There is hereby established a Department of Parks and Recreation.
There is hereby established the office of Director of Parks and Recreation.
[R.O. 2009 §17-3; Code 1969 §25-23; Ord. No. 3269 §1, 3-1-1993]
The City parks are open from sunrise to one-half (½) hour after sunset except for Hanley and Brentwood Parks. These two (2) parks will be open from sunrise to 11:00 P.M. when lighted facilities are in use. Exceptions may be granted for use outside such hours by permit issued by the Director of Parks and Recreation.
[Ord. No. 4721 § 1, 7-18-2016]
Injuring Trees, Shrubbery, Natural Life And Other Property Prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to disfigure, damage or in any way injure or destroy, either in part or in whole, or carry away any tree, shrub, plant, flower, stone, or stone work, bench, chair set, stand, structure, fence or property, fish, or animal, or anything belonging to or kept therein; or to post or affix or inscribe any handbill, poster, card, device, or inscription to or on any tree, fence, or structure, within the park. No one may plant, affix or mount any item in a park without the express written consent of the Director of Parks and Recreation.
Hunting Prohibited. No person shall pursue, trap or kill any wildlife in any manner on park land. Firearms, guns or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited on park land.
Operation Of Motor Vehicles Prohibited. Motor vehicles are prohibited on park land and trails with the exception of park service and emergency vehicles. Motor vehicles are allowed on parking lots and roadways only.
Parking In Designated Areas Only. No person shall park any vehicle in an area not designated for that purpose.
Possession Of Alcohol. Notwithstanding anything provided in Section 600.040(A) of this Code, no person shall be allowed to bring any intoxicating liquors, as defined in Section 600.030 of this Code, into the Brentwood Recreation Complex without the approval from the Director of Parks and Recreation or his/her designee.
Location Of Fires. Fires may be built only in barbecue grills provided by the City and must be extinguished before leaving the park.
Disposal Of Trash. Trash, rubbish and debris of all kinds shall be deposited in the containers provided for that purpose. All areas shall be left in a clean and orderly condition. Dumping or depositing trash, rubbish or debris in or on any part of the park land or facilities other than in the receptacles provided is strictly prohibited.
Glass Containers Prohibited. Glass containers of any type with a capacity of less than 25.3 ounces (750 milliliters) are not permitted in any park.
Animals. No person shall bring onto park land a dog or other domestic animal unless such animals are at all times restrained on a leash. No leash on which a dog or other animal is tethered or restrained shall be of greater length than six (6) feet. In addition, any person bringing a domestic animal into the park shall have with him or her an instrument and container to remove from the park any wastes deposited by his or her animal. No person shall allow a dog or other domesticated animal into any waters or waterways in the park for any purposes. No person shall permit the running of a dog at large. Domestic animals are prohibited in and around all playgrounds located on park grounds, and restrooms except for Seeing Eye dogs. No vicious animal of any kind shall be brought onto park land at any time even though restrained as described above.
Solicitations Prohibited. Solicitation of any business or service is prohibited. No person, firm, or corporation is permitted to offer or advertise merchandise or other goods for sale or hire. The maintaining of a concession or the use of any park facility, building, trail, road, or other park property for commercial purposes is prohibited except upon written consent and approval of the Director of Parks and Recreation.
Smoking. Smoking is prohibited in the restrooms and on or within ten (10) feet of the playgrounds. Smoking is prohibited in the recreational facilities.
Skateboarding. Skateboarding is prohibited upon or about the park stairs or railings and within or upon all pavilions or decks and the railings or furnishings contained or incorporated therein.
Application for a park facility reservation must be made at the office of the Director of Parks and Recreation.
Residents and non-residents may reserve park areas and recreational facilities so long as that applicant is present for the event. Businesses and other permitted organizations may reserve the park for events related to the business located in the City or services provided in the City, but not for their personal use.
Procedure regarding park facility reservation applications.
The Director of Parks and Recreation, or that person's designee, shall act upon applications for reservations and shall devise and utilize a standard "Facility Reservation Application" form which provides information necessary to establish accountability and scheduling.
The Director of Parks and Recreation, or that person's designee, shall possess reasonable discretion in approving or denying applications for reservations and may deny a permit to any applicant who has abused park privileges in the past by violation of park rules, including parking restrictions, or whose applications for the reserved use cannot be accommodated due to the unreasonable interference with the primary rights of City residents to continuous park access and enjoyment.
Reservation permits for use of the park and recreational facilities require a fee to be paid along with a signed application.
The grassy areas and playgrounds within the parks may not be reserved or excluded from public access.