City of Pagedale, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Section 405.260 Purpose of Article.

[CC 2000 §405.290; CC 1990 §430.010; Ord. No. 1009 §1, 5-13-1993]
This Article shall apply to the installation and use of all dish-type electronic antennae, regardless of whether used for the transmission, reception or both of any kind of electronic signal, beam, wave or other data-bearing system or method.

Section 405.270 Location.

[CC 2000 §405.300; CC 1990 §430.020(A — C); Ord. No. 1009 §§2 — 4, 5-13-1993]
Any and all dish-type antennae shall be located in the rear yard and in the case of a corner lot, an antenna cannot be located closer to the side street than the main building is permitted to be located.
Any and all parts of the dish-type antennae or related structural members shall be located a minimum of ten (10) feet from any rear or side property line.
No dish-type antennae in excess of two (2) feet in diameter shall be located on the roof of a residential building.

Section 405.280 Regulations.

[CC 2000 §405.310; CC 1990 §§430.020(D — E), 430.050 (A — C); Ord. No. 1009 §§5 — 6, 9 — 11, 5-13-1993]
A dish-type antennae, from its base to the top of the antenna, shall not exceed six (6) feet in height.
All dish-type antennae shall be adequately anchored to the ground so as not to constitute a safety hazard in and to withstand winds of one hundred (100) miles per hour velocity.
Only one (1) dish-type antenna shall be permitted on each residential lot.
No person shall permit another person to connect any wires or attachments so as to permit more than one (1) residence to be served by any one (1) antenna.
This Article shall apply to residential lots and not to any lots that are zoned commercial, unless the following Sections of this Article specifically require application of this Article, inclusive, to commercial lots.

Section 405.290 Installation — Building Permit Required.

[CC 2000 §405.320; CC 1990 §§430.030 — 430.040; Ord. No. 1009 §§7 — 8, 5-13-1993]
The installation of dish-type antennae shall be in accordance with the applicable Electrical Code and Building Code as adopted by the City and all associated electrical or cable wiring shall be placed underground.
A building permit from St. Louis County's Department of Public Works is required before any dish-type antenna shall be installed. Precise drawings shall be submitted to the St. Louis County Department of Public Works, along with a building permit application, before an application will be considered.

Section 405.300 Commercial Premises.

[CC 2000 §405.330; CC 1990 §430.050(D); Ord. No. 1009 §12, 5-13-1993]
Should any owner or lessee desire to locate a dish-type antenna on or about said commercial premises, said request shall be made in writing and presented to the City's Board of Alderpersons. Said request shall be in detail stating the proposed location, description and details of said antenna, including, but not limited to, the height and diameter of said antenna.