City of Maryville, MO
Nodaway County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2008 §355.010; Ord. No. 4893 §1, 7-18-1990]
The following word shall have the meaning set out below when used in this Chapter.
Any vehicle, machine, tractor, trailer or semi-trailer, or any combination thereof, propelled or drawn by mechanical power and designated or used in the transportation of property upon the highways.
[R.O. 2008 §355.020; Ord. No. 4893 §1, 7-18-1990]
No commercial vehicle or truck having a rate load capacity in excess of one (1) ton shall be driven on any street except:
Route 71 from the North City Limits to the South City Limits.
First Street from Main Street to the West City Limits.
First Street from North Depot to the East City Limits.
North Depot Street from First Street to the North City Limits.
Third Street from Main Street East to North Depot Street.
South Avenue from Main Street to the West City Limits.
Notice or sign reflecting this prohibition shall be required to be posted.
[R.O. 2008 §355.030; Ord. No. 4893 §1, 7-18-1990]
No person shall operate or drive or cause to be operated or driven any motor truck or any commercial vehicle in excess of one (1) ton weight upon any residential street in the City, however, nothing contained herein shall be construed to impair the right to cross such street within the limits at intersection points, nor to enter such street where it is desired to deliver goods, wares or merchandise to a person resident upon such street.
[R.O. 2008 §355.040; Ord. No. 4893 §1, 7-18-1990]
No person shall park any vehicle having a manufacturer's rated capacity of one (1) ton or greater, or any vehicle, trailer or combination thereof or any vehicle or trailer having a load projecting from said vehicle or trailer, which has an overall length greater than twenty (20) feet or overall width greater than six and one-half (6½) feet, upon any street, alley, public parking lot or other public place within the City limits except during the loading and unloading of freight, wares, goods or merchandise germane to the business or firm operating said vehicle.
[R.O. 2008 §355.050; Ord. No. 4893 §1, 7-18-1990]
If any vehicle is found upon a street in violation of any provisions of this Chapter relating to the stopping, standing, or parking and the identity of the operator cannot be determined, the owner or person in whose name such vehicle is registered, shall be held prima facie responsible for such violation.