City of Kennett, MO
Dunklin County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 2864 §§1 — 7, 9-21-2010]
Any person applying for a building permit for any proposed commercial, industrial or subdivision development in the City of Kennett shall provide, as part of the building permit application, a site plan of the proposed development which shall show the location of all underground utilities, including, but not limited to, existing and proposed fire protection mains and fire hydrants. In the event fire protection mains are not located on the property of the development and are not proposed as a part of the development, the application shall show the location of the nearest hydrant available for Fire Department use.
In the event the nearest fire hydrant to the proposed development is located more than three hundred (300) feet from the closest point of the main structure in the proposed development, would require the crossing of a major roadway to access the hydrant to provide fire protection for the proposed development, or is in a location which, in the opinion of the Fire Chief, would make access to the hydrant difficult when providing fire protection to the proposed development or has a rated free flow of less than one thousand (1,000) gallons per minute flow or should the proposed development restrict future extension of water mains to adjoining properties or should the proposed development prohibit connection to other fire protection mains, the applicant shall be responsible for extending fire protection mains and for providing an adequate number of fire hydrants to meet the connections and fire protection requirement of the Kennett Fire Department.
In the event fire protection mains and fire hydrants are required to be installed as part of the development as set forth in Subsection (B) of this Section, the minimum size of such mains shall be eight (8) inches for industrial and commercial developments and six (6) inches for residential development and each required hydrant shall have two (2) two and one-half (2½) inch National Standard Thread outlets and one (1) four and one-half (4½) inch National Standard Thread outlet. All fire hydrants required under this Section shall have an underground shutoff valve located with each hydrant so as to shut off the individual hydrants for maintenance without shutting off service to an area.
In developments where a large complex is proposed, a looped water main system with adequate hydrants, as approved by the Fire Chief, or his designee, shall be installed around the complex.
Existing and proposed utility easements shall be designed into any proposed development of water main extensions to eliminate dead-end loops or mains and provide for future extension of the water system.
The following are hereby determined to be "major roadways" for the purposes of this Section, to wit: U.S. Highway 412; Missouri State Highways 25, 84, E, EE, O and VV; First Street; St. Francis Street; the North By-Pass; the South By-Pass; Ely Road; Home Crest Street and Southwest Drive.
No building permit for any proposed commercial or industrial development shall be issued until such time that compliance with the provisions of this Section are certified by the Fire Chief or his designee.
[Code 1929 §§309 — 311]
Code Enforcement/Property Maintenance Officer, Creation Of Office. The office of Code Enforcement/Property Maintenance Officer for the City of Kennett, Missouri, is hereby created. Such Code Enforcement/Property Maintenance Officer shall hold the office for a term of two (2) years and until his/her successor is elected and qualified. The Code Enforcement/Property Maintenance Officer shall have a thorough knowledge of the construction of buildings, including plumbing and electrical work in connection therewith.
The Code Enforcement/Property Maintenance Officer shall receive such salary as the City Counsel may from time to time elect.
Duties Of Code Enforcement/Property Maintenance Officer. The Code Enforcement/Property Maintenance Officer shall inspect all electrical, plumbing and other repair or construction work on all buildings in the City of Kennett for the purpose of seeing that the same is done in conformity to the ordinances of the City of Kennett and shall have the authority to stop the construction, repair or remodeling of any building or any work thereon when the same does not conform to the ordinances of the City of Kennett, or when the owners, contractors, plumbers, electricians or other persons working on the said building have not secured the licenses or permits, or paid the fees or given the bonds required by the ordinances of the City of Kennett and such Code Enforcement/Property Maintenance Officer shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the ordinances of the City of Kennett.
[Code 1929 §319]
No lumber yard, planing mill, or sash, blind and door factory shall be hereafter located within the fire limits, and no lumber yard now within the fire limits shall be extended.
[Code 1929 §325]
No person except a licensed house mover shall move any building through or along any street, avenue or alley in said City, and such person shall before he/she shall receive his/her license, execute a bond to the City of Kennett in the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) with good and sufficient sureties, to be approved by the Mayor, and condition that same person will pay any and all damages which may occur to any pavement, street or sidewalk, or to any City fire or police alarm, telegraph or electric light pole, wire, bridge or viaduct belonging to the City of Kennett, whether said damage or injury shall be caused by said person or his/her agent, employees or workmen, and conditioned also that said person will save and indemnify and keep harmless the City of Kennett against all liabilities, judgments, damages, costs and expenses which may in anywise accrue against said City in consequence of the granting of such permit or license or while acting under the same, and will in all things strictly comply with the conditions of such permit or license. Such person or persons moving such building shall cause a sufficient passage-way for vehicles to pass to be kept open at the sides of such building, and shall keep and maintain red lights at night visible to any one approaching said building from either direction, and shall also notify the Chief of the Fire Department and Chief of Police where said building is stopped for the night, while being moved upon any street, avenue or alley. Any person violating any of the provisions of this Section shall upon conviction thereof be fined not less than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) nor more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) for each offense.
[CC 1929 Ch. 28 Art. 7 §§990 — 992]
Permit Required For The Erection Of Signs. Hereafter, it shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation, to erect or maintain any sign across the sidewalks, streets, alleys, or public thoroughfares of this City, without the receipt of a permit from the City Clerk authorizing the erection of said sign.
Regulations Governing The Erection Of Signs, By Whom Supervised. The Street and Alley Committee are hereby given the supervision over the erection and maintenance of all signs above-mentioned.
Permit, To Erect Signs, When Issued. The City Clerk shall issue no permit to any persons, firm or corporation to erect any sign, as above-mentioned, until the Chairman of the Street and Alley Committee shall issue an order for said permit, which order shall state that said Committee have examined said sign, and that it conforms to all the rules and regulations governing its erection.