City of Stockton, MO
Cedar County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1979 §70.010]
There is hereby established a Fire Department for the City which shall consist of a Chief, one (1) Assistant Chief, and such organized volunteer firemen as may be enrolled by the Chief with the consent of the Mayor.
[CC 1979 §70.020]
The Fire Department shall have charge of the fire apparatus and shall keep the same in good order for immediate use, and for more effectually perfecting the firemen in discharge of their duties shall as often as practicable thoroughly test the condition of the fire-fighting apparatus. Upon arrival at any fire, the members present shall take all necessary and proper action to extinguish such fire as quickly as possible and with the least damage possible. The department shall take all reasonable steps necessary under the circumstances to prevent the spread of the fire and damage to adjoining property.
[CC 1979 §70.030]
If there are two (2) serviceable fire trucks with adequate equipment and a request is received for fire- fighting equipment outside the City limits, the Fire Chief, or Assistant Chief, may determine whether to answer such request depending upon the road conditions, water supply and other conditions at the time, and his/her decision shall be final. The decision of the Fire Chief or Assistant Fire Chief shall in no way subject his/her to liability. In the event the Fire Department answers the call, it shall take only one (1) truck and not more than one-half (½) of the available members of the department. The charge for making a call outside the City limits shall be two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00), regardless of the success or failure of the mission. The two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) is to repay the City General Revenue Fund for purchasing and maintaining fire equipment; provided, that if the City equipment shall be used for longer than one (1) hour, the charge shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) per hour or any part thereof in excess of the first (1st) one (1) hour period for which the two hundred fifty dollar ($250.00) charge is made; provided further, that from this two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) the General Revenue Fund of the City shall be reimbursed for expenses related to purchasing and maintaining fire equipment.
[CC 1979 §70.040]
The Chief shall be appointed by the Mayor by and with the consent of the Board of Aldermen at the first (1st) regular meeting of the Board after the City election. The Chief shall hold office for a term of one (1) year and until his/her successor is appointed and qualified. The Assistant Chief shall be elected annually at the first (1st) meeting of the Fire Department after the appointment of the Chief, said election to be by the members of the Fire Department including the Chief and all enrolled volunteer firemen, and he/she shall hold office for one (1) year and until his/her successor is elected and qualified.
[CC 1979 §70.050]
It shall be the duty of the Chief to examine and report quarterly to the Mayor the condition of the department and its equipment and to recommend such alterations and additions and charges as the department may in his/her judgment require. It shall also be his/her duty to ascertain and report to the Mayor the condition and efficiency of the Fire Department and if the department fails to observe and enforce its rules and regulations so as to impair its efficiency, to report the same with such suggestions as he/she may deem most appropriate.
The Fire Chief shall examine or cause to be examined all buildings and all places where explosives and inflammable materials are kept in the City and to report their condition at least once a year to the Mayor, and the Fire Chief or any person acting for him/her is hereby authorized to enter any and all buildings and places for the purpose of inspecting same during normal business hours.
The Fire Chief shall enforce the provisions of Article II of this Chapter.
The Fire Chief shall from time to time report to the Mayor the condition of fire escapes on public buildings and on other buildings required by law to be provided with fire escapes.
He/she shall keep an inventory of all the City Fire Department's property and equipment and report the same to the Mayor at least once a year.
He/she shall keep informed and make an annual report as to the condition of the City water supply and fireplugs.
He/she shall keep the department in good condition and at all times ready for inspection.
In the exercise of these duties, the Fire Chief may delegate to the Assistant Chief or to other department members such responsibilities as in his/her judgment may be required.
[CC 1979 §70.060]
The Assistant Fire Chief shall assume the duties of the Chief in his/her absence, or the vacancy of the office until a new Chief is appointed, and shall assist the Chief in the performance of his/her duties and shall obey his/her orders.
[CC 1979 §70.070]
The firemen shall be under the immediate control and direction of the Fire Chief and upon an alarm of fire shall without unnecessary delay repair to the endangered premises with the City fire apparatus.
[CC 1979 §70.080]
The Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief and all firemen shall serve without compensation.
Nothing contained in this Section shall be construed as prohibiting the Board of Aldermen from granting to such Chief, Assistant Chief and firemen a special payment in any case of large conflagration or long fight when the service rendered would seem to merit compensation.
The City shall pay all charges for emergency alerting systems for Fire Chief, Assistant Chief and all firemen.
[CC 1979 §70.090]
The Fire Chief shall have full power, control and command over all persons at fires, excepting only City Police Officers on duty. He/she shall station the fire apparatus and see to it that all persons belonging to the Fire Department perform the duties required of them. It shall also be the duty of the Chief to direct at all fires such measures as he/she shall deem advisable for the extinguishment and control of such fires.
The Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief of the Fire Department of this City are acting Police Officers while on duty and have full authority to detain, direct or arrest any person who maliciously obstructs them in the service of their duty and to arrest any person who may be pilfering, carrying away or stealing anything in time of fire, storms, tornadoes and flood.
[CC 1979 §70.100]
No person shall drive any vehicle over, upon or across any fire hose at any time when said hose may be in use or lying upon or across any public way.
[CC 1979 §70.110; Ord. No. 142 §70.110, 8-24-1992]
No person shall park or leave standing in front of, or within fifteen (15) feet of, any fire hydrants or in front of the firehouse any vehicle at any time.
[CC 1979 §70.120]
No person shall use, or as owner thereof permit to be used, any siren, whistle or whistles not installed on fire or Police apparatus or in some way pertaining to fire without first obtaining permission from the Fire Chief.
[CC 1979 §70.130]
Provide automobile fire apparatus carrying at least one thousand two hundred (1,200) feet of two and one-half (2½) inch double-jacket rubber-lined fire hose, at least two (2) shut-off nozzles, one (1) two and one-half (2½) gallon water pump type extinguisher, one (1) two and one-half (2½) gallon foam type extinguisher or the equivalent, one (1) twenty-eight (28) foot Fire Department type extension ladder, one (1) twelve (12) foot Fire Department type roof ladder, a pike pole, crowbar, axes, electric lanterns, fire hydrant wrenches and hose coupling spanners. (Combination fog and solid stream nozzles may be acceptable in lieu of solid stream tips.) Pumper may be required as specified.
[CC 1979 §70.140]
House apparatus in a separate substantial heated building with hose drying facilities; building to be free of any serious fire exposure or hazardous occupancy. If the apparatus is housed in a public garage or other hazardous place, it shall be separated from the remainder of the building by a tight incombustible partition and have a separate exit to the street. No part of principal mercantile and industrial districts shall be more than three-fourths (¾) mile travel distance from fire station and no part of residential district shall be more than two (2) miles travel distance from fire station.
[Ord. No. 554, 6-10-2019]
In situations where the Stockton Fire Department responds to assist other departments in a mutual aid capacity, the City may bill the insurer of the property for costs associated with the response to any structure fire, car fire, motor vehicle accident, helicopter landing and transport, or vehicle extraction.
It shall be the policy of the City to not bill for grass fires or uninsured events or properties.