City of Stockton, MO
Cedar County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1979 §43.010]
A no-fee permit is required for signs. This permit, when conditions of this Chapter are met, shall be issued by the City Code Enforcement Officer.
[CC 1979 §43.020]
To allow for removal of unsafe or hazardous signs; to allow for removal of misleading signs; and to inform applicants that there are minor restrictions in regard to signs.
[CC 1979 §43.030]
The following shall not require issuance of a sign permit provided that they meet and comply with the purpose of the permits as presented in this Chapter:
Church bulletin board, construction sign, institutional or governmental sign, memorial or tablet sign, political sign, real estate sign, special displays, "no trespassing", "private road", "private property" signs, occupational or identification sign on business buildings, hanging sign in commercial districts, temporary window signs.
[CC 1979 §43.040]
Illuminated signs shall be subject to the following restrictions:
All illumination shall be oriented so as to prevent undue glare onto adjacent streets or residential properties.
All electrical illumination devices shall be designed to be weather resistant and shatterproof.
[CC 1979 §43.050]
No sign shall be erected or maintained so that, by its position, shape, working device, or color, might interfere with, obstruct the view of, or be confused with any authorized traffic sign, signal or device.
[CC 1979 §43.060]
Political signs shall be removed within two (2) days after the election is held to which they pertain.
[CC 1979 §43.070]
Garage sale signs will be removed within two (2) days after the last day of the sale.
[Ord. No. 385, 4-23-2007; Ord. No. 415, 7-26-2010]
No sign advertising a garage sale, yard or rummage sale shall be fastened, taped, or secured in any manner to any stop sign, sign post, light post, or any other sign, or otherwise erected or placed on any State or City property located within the Stockton public square.
No sign advertising any commercial activity or venture shall be fastened, taped, or secured in any manner to any stop sign, sign post, light post, or any other sign, or otherwise erected or placed on any State or City property located within the Stockton public square.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Section shall not prohibit the placement of signs related to activities of Stockton Public Schools, nor shall it prohibit the placement of any tripod signs in the public square by the City, Stockton Chamber of Commerce, or Stockton Public Schools.
A violation of this Section upon conviction shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00). Every day a violation of this Section shall continue shall constitutes a separate offense.
For purposes of this Section, the term "public square" refers to the portion of the City identified in Section 205.250, Fire District Limits Established, of the Stockton City Code.
[CC 1979 §43.080]
If any sign becomes hazardous to pedestrian or vehicular traffic by reason of obstruction of walkways or fire access or exit lanes, by restricting sight distances for vehicle or pedestrian traffic, or is located so close to travel lanes or parking areas that it is struck by maneuvering vehicles, then such signs shall be relocated, removed, or otherwise protected within thirty (30) days of notification that such danger or nuisance does exist.
[CC 1979 §43.090]
Good repair of signs is required in that all signs and supports shall be maintained so as to prevent rust, peeling, flaking or fading. Broken panels, missing letters, flaking or peeling paint and other visual damage to a sign shall be repaired within forty-five (45) days of occurrence or within thirty (30) days of notification by the City Code Enforcement Officer. Provision shall be made for electric grounding of any metallic parts.
[CC 1979 §43.100]
The Code Enforcement Officer will give written notice to the owner of the sign or, if the owner cannot be located within thirty (30) days, to the owner of the premises where the sign is located. The notice will state:
Violation(s) found;
The conditions must be brought into compliance within thirty (30) days or written proof that work has been contracted to correct violation no later than sixty (60) days from date of note;
The specific Code standard which must be met;
Failure to comply or to make good faith efforts to comply with the terms of this notice shall constitute grounds for the Code Enforcement Officer to order removal of the sign or correction of the non-compliance at the expense of the sign owner or property owner.
[CC 1979 §43.110]
The Code Enforcement Officer may remove a sign if:
The violations set out in a written notice have not been corrected within sixty (60) days after mailing of the notice; and
The sign or premises owner or sign erector is not able to prove to the Code Enforcement Officer's satisfaction good faith efforts to bring the sign into compliance.
[CC 1979 §43.120]
Any person violating any provision of this Chapter is guilty of an ordinance violation and subject to punishment as provided in Section 100.220 of this Code.
[CC 1979 §43.130]
Appeals and variances are allowed by sign owners presenting grounds for request to City Board or any other appropriate board as established by the Mayor.
[CC 1979 §43.150]
Any sign structure which advertises a business no longer conducted or a product no longer sold on the premises or lot shall be removed by the owner, agent, or person having beneficial use of the premises or lot upon which the sign is erected within thirty (30) days after the business is permanently closed or the product is no longer produced.
[CC 1979 §43.160]
Applicants for a permit will be required to read this Chapter of the Code and sign the form provided by the City Clerk, certifying that the applicant understands and agrees to comply with and accept the requirements of this Chapter.
[CC 1979 §43.170]
The Code Enforcement Officer shall be responsible for the enforcement of this Chapter and may at any reasonable time inspect any sign structure regulated by this Chapter.