City of Caruthersville, MO
Pemiscot County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross Reference — Taxation, ch. 145.
[Code 1961 §5.03(a); CC 1983 §2-195]
No person shall be eligible to the office of City Treasurer who is not a qualified voter of the City and a resident of the City for at least two (2) years next preceding the day of his/her election.
[Code 1961 §5.03(b); CC 1983 §2-196]
Within fifteen (15) days after his/her election and before entering upon the discharge of the duties of his/her office the City Treasurer shall execute to the City, a bond in the sum of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00) with at least five (5) good and sufficient securities, or a surety company, conditioned that he/she will faithfully perform all the duties of his/her office as required by the laws of the State governing Cities of the Third Class, and the ordinances of the City, and that he/she will account for and promptly pay over all monies coming into his/her possession that belong to the City, at the time and in the manner provided by law. The sureties on the Treasurer's bond shall be worth in unencumbered real estate, after payment of all debts and liabilities for which they are responsible, at least double the amount of the bond. When properly executed, the bond with the Mayor's approval endorsed thereon, shall be filed in the office of the City Clerk who shall record, preserve and safely keep the same.
[Code 1961 §5.03(c); CC 1983 §2-197]
The City Treasurer shall:
Receive and safely keep all monies of the City which may come into his/her hands, and disburse the same only upon warrants property drawn, and signed by the Mayor and attested by the City Clerk.
Keep in a set of books provided for that purpose a full and accurate account of all monies received and disbursed by him/her on behalf of the City, specifying the date of receipt or disbursement, from whom received, to whom disbursed, and on what account received and disbursed.
Keep a separate account of each fund and appropriation and the debits and credits belonging thereto.
Keep a register of all warrants paid into the Treasury, describing such warrants by their date, number, name of payee and amount, and specify the time of receipt thereof, from whom received and on what account.
Cancel all bonds, coupons, warrants and other evidences of debt against the City whenever paid by him/her by writing or stamping across the face thereof, the words "Paid by the City Treasurer", with the date of payment written or stamped thereon.
Issue duplicate receipts for all sums of money which may be paid into the Treasury, specifying in such receipts date of payment and upon what account paid. One of these receipts shall be given to the person making the payment and the other he/she shall file with the City Clerk, who, thereupon, shall credit the person named in the receipt with the amount of his/her payment and charge the Treasurer with the same.
On the last weekday of each month, shall furnish the Council with a written statement showing the balance in the Treasury at the beginning of the month, the amount received during the month and on what account received, the amount disbursed during the month, and on what account disbursed, and the balance remaining to the credit of each fund, and constituting the general balance in the Treasury at the close of business on the day when such statement is made as aforesaid.
Receive and safely keep all warrants, bonds and obligations of the City entrusted to his/her care and dispose of the same only upon proper authority from the Council, or as provided by ordinance.
Give information, in writing to the Mayor and Council whenever required upon any subject relating to his/her office or the fiscal affairs of the City, and perform all such other duties as may be required of him/her by law or ordinance.
[Code 1961 §5.03(f); CC 1983 §2-200]
The City Treasurer is prohibited from using, either directly or indirectly for his/her own benefit or that of any other person, any money, warrants or other obligations of the City in his/her custody and keeping. Any violation of this Section shall be deemed a misdemeanor and subject to the penalties provided for violation of this Code and in addition thereto shall subject the violator to removal from office by the Mayor, with the concurrence of the Council.
[Code 1961 §5.03(g); CC 1983 §2-201]
The City Treasurer and City Clerk shall have free access to each other's office for the inspection of all books, accounts and papers which they respectively contain, and free access to all other accounts and papers of the City as concern any of their duties.
[Code 1961 §5.03(h); CC 1983 §2-202]
The City Treasurer shall not pay any warrant drawn by him/her unless such warrant is presented by the person in whose favor the same is drawn or by his/her assignee, executor or administrator.
[Code 1961 §5.03(i); CC 1983 §2-203]
If the City Treasurer shall wilfully neglect or refuse to perform any of the duties enjoined upon him/her by ordinance or by resolution of the Mayor and Council, or shall be guilty of any oppression or extortion in the discharge of his/her official duties, or shall, by color of his/her office do any act not authorized by ordinance, he/she shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be subject to punishment as provided in Section 100.120 of this Code.