City of Caruthersville, MO
Pemiscot County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 807 §3, 5-5-1997]
The "R-5" District purpose is to provide for single-family and two-family residential development on medium sized lots together with such churches, recreational facilities and accessory uses as may be necessary or are normally compatible with residential surroundings. The district is located to protect existing development and promote future development in harmony with the character of the residential surroundings. The intent of these provisions is to ensure that manufactured homes are compatible with other dwellings in residential neighborhoods and meet a minimum construction, placement and architectural standard while providing an alternative means of affordable home ownership for the residents of the community.
[Ord. No. 807 §3, 5-5-1997; Ord. No. 883 §1, 6-25-2001]
The premises shall be used for the following purposes:
Any use permitted in the "R-3" District regulations.
Residential manufactured homes may be placed in the district, subject to the provisions and restrictions contained in this Article.
Permits. Manufactured homes shall not be placed or occupied in the City without a permit being issued by the City Code Enforcement Officer. A building permit shall not be issued until the Code Enforcement Officer determines that the planned placement complies with all requirements of this Article. Common ownership of the land and mobile home must be demonstrated before a building permit will be issued.
Standards for placement and occupancy. Each manufactured home placed in the district shall:
Be attached to a continuous permanent foundation, which manner of placement shall be as stated on the building permit, and meet all manufacturer's specifications for support. The exterior foundation material shall consist of continuous concrete or masonry suitable for the outer portion of a finished residence. The manufactured home must have all towing apparatus, including the tongue, running gear and lights removed.
Have a sidewalk installed from the street, driveway or sidewalk adjoining neighboring lots to the main entry door of the manufactured home.
Have a gable or hip roof with a pitch of at least three in twelve and covered with material that is residential in appearance, including, but not limited to, approved wood, asphalt composition or fiberglass shingles, but excluding corrugated metal, corrugated fiberglass or other metal roofs except architectural metal roofing of at least twenty-nine (29) gauge steel.
Have exterior siding which shall consist of vinyl or metal lap siding (the reflective qualities of which do not exceed that of low luster white paint), wood, or hardboard, comparable in composition, appearance and durability to the exterior siding commonly used in standard residential construction in the City.
Have permanent steps set at all entrances and exits.
Have no additions, including room or roof additions, constructed and/or attached to it in any manner.
Have a paved or well maintained graded gravel driveway not less than ten (10) feet wide and sufficient for the placement of at least two vehicles.
Be no more than eight (8) years old at the time of the proposed placement.
Be occupied only as a single-family dwelling.
Be subject to restrictions on accessory buildings, which are limited to a non-attached garage, carport, and a shed, each of which shall be placed in conformance with the setback and dimensional requirements established for the district. The exterior covering and roofing material of any garage must be the same as that of the dwelling unit. The construction of all accessory buildings or structures must comply with all local building codes.
Be placed on a parcel according to a pre-submitted and approved plot plan as described on the permit. In addition, a manufacturer's installation manual and an illustration of the finished appearance of the unit shall be provided to the Code Enforcement Officer.
Have a minimum of eighteen (18) inches of crawl space under the entire manufactured home.
Be served by a water supply and sewage disposal system meeting the established City requirements.
The property owner shall declare the manufactured home as real property and must so record the property with the Pemiscot County Assessor.
Inspections. Each manufactured home approved for placement on a parcel or for occupancy shall be subject to the following inspections:
Placement to insure compliance with zoning requirements. Foundations prior to placement of a manufactured home.
Foundation anchors and utility connections or landings.
Steps at all doors.
Prior to any change in occupants, inspection for fully functioning smoke detectors certified by Underwriter's Laboratories, in such number and placement as required by the Code Enforcement Officer and such other requirements contained herein. No change in occupants shall be permitted, nor water service connected, until such inspection is made and approved.
The permittee shall give the Code Enforcement Officer notice when the premises are ready for inspection and shall not proceed further until approval has been given by the official pursuant to each inspection.
[Ord. No. 807 §3, 5-5-1997]
The height and area regulations set forth in Article XIV of this Chapter shall be in full force and effect.
[CC 1983 App. B Art. VII §3; Ord. No. 379.5, 5-18-1970; Ord. No. 533 §5, 7-8-1977]
Off-street parking spaces shall be provided in accordance with the requirements for specific uses set forth in Article XV.