City of Caruthersville, MO
Pemiscot County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1983 App. B Art. X; Ord. No. 379.5, 5-18-1970]
The purpose of this District is to provide for a wide variety of light manufacturing, fabricating, processing, wholesale distributing, and warehousing uses appropriately located for access by major thoroughfares or railroads. Commercial uses and open storage of materials are permitted but new residential development is excluded. The regulations set forth in this Article or set forth elsewhere in this Chapter when referred to in this Article, are the regulations in the "I-1" Light Industrial District.
[CC 1983 App. B Art. X §1; Ord. No. 379.5, 5-18-1970]
A building or premises shall be used only for the following purposes:
Any non-residential use permitted in the "B-2" Central Business District.
Wholesale merchandising or storage warehouses.
Automobile repair garages, but no auto junk yards.
Trucking terminal.
Farm machinery and equipment sales and repair.
Contractor's yard.
Coal, coke, wood, or lumber yard.
General service and repair establishments including dyeing, cleaning, or laundry works, cabinet making, plumbing and heating, printing, painting, upholstering, and appliance repair.
Manufacture or storage of food products, including beverage blending or bottling, bakery products, dairy products, candy manufacture, fruit and vegetable processing and canning, packing and processing of meat and poultry products, but not distilling of beverages or slaughtering of poultry or animals.
Manufacture of rugs, mattresses, pillows, quilts, millinery, shoes, hosiery, clothing and fabrics, and printing and finishing of textiles and fibers into fabric goods.
Assembly and manufacture from prefabricated parts of household appliances, electronic products, machinery and hardware products, and similar products or the processing or assembling of parts for production of finished equipment.
Generally those light manufacturing uses similar to those listed in Subsections (111) above which do not create any more danger to health and safety in surrounding areas and which do not create any more offensive noise, vibration, smoke, dust, lint, odors, heat, or glare than that which is generally associated with light industries of the type specifically permitted.
Accessory buildings and uses including accessory signs and advertising structures related to the activity conducted on the premises but with total sign area not to exceed one hundred (100) square feet.
[CC 1983 App. B Art. X §2; Ord. No. 379.5, 5-18-1970]
The height and area regulations set forth in Article XIV shall be observed.
[CC 1983 App. B Art. X §3; Ord. No. 379.5, 5-18-1970]
Off-street parking spaces shall be provided in accordance with the requirements for specific uses set out in Article XV.