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City of Caruthersville, MO
Pemiscot County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Code 1961 §40.01; CC 1983 §16-110; Ord. No. 770 §1, 8-1-1994]
As used in this Chapter, the following terms shall have these prescribed meanings:
A person keeping a set of abstract books, or examining the records relating to land titles and furnishing an abstract thereof for pay.
An agency or office, storeroom or place of business kept and maintained for the purpose of selling, offering or exposing for sale, any kind of automobile, motor car or similar vehicle.
A place for repairing, welding and straightening automobile bodies and fenders, and painting automobile bodies and fenders, exclusively.
A person engaged in selling, exposing or offering for sale any kind of automobile, motor car or similar vehicle.
A person who keeps and maintains any room, building or place in which automobiles are kept for hire, or in which automobiles belonging to persons other than the owner or keeper of such room, building or place where same are kept, stored and cleaned or repaired, and for such keeping, storing, cleaning or repairing, a charge be made.
A person engaged in the business of maintaining or operating automatic scale machines, automatic shoe shining machines, nickel automatic selling machines or devices or other slot machines, or devices, operated for the purpose of vending merchandise in public places or in the place of business of others.
A person who, for hire, posts bills or advertisements of any kind in places exposed to public view.
A wholesale dealer in or manufacturer or bottler of soft drinks such as soda water and mineral water, or cereal beverages.
A person who manufactures and sells candy or candies in wholesale quantities for resale.
A person representing or holding himself/herself out as a collection agency or doing a general collection business for the public.
A person who in pursuit of independent business, solicits, bids on or contracts to repair, or in any manner alter, remodel, refinish and decorate buildings or other structures, of any kind or character.
A person who carried on the business of buying or selling, or buying and selling, either for himself/herself or for another, lint or cottonseed.
A store, other than a small dry goods store, where two (2) or more distinct lines of goods, wares and merchandise, men's, women's and girl's clothing and shoes are sold, and which is advertised by signs, posters, bills, newspapers or any other means of advertising as a department store.
A place of business wherein drugs and medicines are sold, both compounded and uncompounded and unmixed medicinal substances.
A store other than a department store, where a general line of men's, boy's, women's and girl's clothing and shoes is sold.
An agency or office, storeroom or place of business, kept and maintained for the purpose of selling, offering or exposing for sale any kind of farm machinery and implements.
Any place used for the purpose of cleaning or repairing farm machinery and implements.
A person, other than an auctioneer, who sells or offers for sale goods, wares or merchandise by public outcry.
A person selling produce, grain, butter, eggs, fowl or vegetables of any kind or description, except such articles of produce above described, as are produced or raised by his/her own labor or upon his/her own premises, by going about from place to place, or by going upon the public streets with any wagon, cart or vehicle of any description from which is sold any vegetables, butter, eggs or fowl.
Any fire, life, casualty, accident, plate glass, cyclone, bond investment security, or any other company that insures to pay any sum for loss by death, accident or sickness, or at any specified time.
A person engaged in the selling of any commodity from any store or room, and who maintains a stock of goods therein, and who does not conduct such business for a period of one (1) year. A person who has maintained a residence and conducted and operated a similar mercantile business or who has purchased a mercantile business which has been so conducted and operated in the City for at least one (1) year preceding the opening of such business, shall not be construed to be an itinerant merchant within the meaning of this Article.
A person engaged in the business of buying, selling or offering for sale, or dealing in old iron, brass, steel, bones, rags, bottles, etc.
A person who lends, or offers to lend, or negotiates the loan of money of another, or advertises money to lend.
A person who is engaged in the production of some article, thing or object, by skill or labor, out of raw materials and products, except any ice cream or candy manufacturer, or other manufacturer specifically mentioned in this Article, and who holds and purchases personal property for the purpose of adding to the value thereof by manufacturing, refining or combining different materials to produce a new and completed product. The term does not apply to any licensed merchant who may manufacture articles which are exclusively sold at his/her store, stand or place of business at retail, nor shall it apply to any painter, shoe maker, carpenter, blacksmith, or other mechanic, whose finished products are the result of his/her own labor alone.
A person having a definite place of business, stand or store, who for himself/herself deals in and sells or offers to sell, goods, wares and merchandise at retail to the consumer at any place of business, stand or store occupied for that purpose.
A person who for commission, brokerage or other compensation, negotiates between the owner and purchaser or their respective agents for the sale of goods, wares and merchandise, flour, cotton, grain, provisions, produce or other articles of commerce.
A shop in which labor is employed for the purpose of making lumber and material in cabinet work, sash, doors, window frames, stairways, and in which all other house building accessories and fittings are prepared for the construction of buildings.
A person who sells or offers for sale, ice cream from any wagon, vehicle, stand or cart.
A person who acts as an agent in the leasing, renting or selling of any house or real estate, at public or private sale, or who receives or collects rents for another for a commission or other compensation, or who advertises or displays any sign or device designating him/her as agent for renting, collecting rents upon, or leasing or selling houses or real estate. A real estate agent or broker is one, who for a commission or other compensation sells or negotiates the sale of real estate belonging to others.
A place where any kind of firearms or air guns are kept for public use, practice or sport, and for hire, gain or profit.
A person who buys, sells or offers to buy and sell, stocks or shares in any corporation, joint stock company or association, for money or property, or on the weekly, monthly or other payment plan.
Any motor vehicle performing a bona fide for hire taxicab service having a capacity of not more than five (5) passengers, exclusive of the driver, and not operated on a regular route or between fixed termini.
A person who in the pursuit of independent business, solicits, bids on, contracts to perform, or performs maintenance work on yards, including, but not limited to, mowing and maintaining lawns, trimming trees and hedges, and raking or otherwise removing leaves and other yard debris.
Cross Reference — Definitions and rules of construction generally, §100.020.
[Code 1961 §40.02; CC 1983 §16-111; Ord. No. 296A §1, 9-6-1962; Ord. No. 368 §1, 7-7-1969; Ord. No. 461 §1, 6-18-1973; Ord. No. 582 §2, 6-4-1979; Ord. No. 641 §2, 1-16-1984; Ord. No. 770 §2, 8-1-1994; Ord. No. 787 §1, 7-3-1995]
No person shall carry on or engage in any of the following trades, vocations, callings, occupations, businesses, or activities without first having obtained a license therefor and paid for such license the following annual fee, unless a different period of time is specified, to-wit:
Trades, Vocations, Callings, Occupations, Businesses, or Activities
Airplane sales and/or repair
Architects (when maintaining an office in the City)
Auction of goods or merchandise
Automobile dealers, including garages, repair or parts
Automatic scale machines
Bait dealers
Bakers, baking and bakery shops
Barber shops
Beauty shops
Bicycle dealers (See Merchants)
Billiards and pool tables (first table)
Each additional table
Boarding and rooming houses
Bottling company
Bowling or ten (10) pins
Brickyards (manufacture)
Brokers in soybeans and other produce (not in addition to cotton ginners)
Brokers in stocks and bonds, etc
Butchers, butcher shops and meat markets
Cab company (per car)
Cafes and restaurants
Candy dealers and manufacturers
Carnivals (See Circuses)
Casualty companies (See Fire and Insurance)
Cement and lime dealers (concrete block)
Circuses, showboats and minstrels, carnivals and other shows (temporary nature)
Coal, coke, wood and fuel (except wholesale and retail gas or oil dealers)
Cold storage houses
Collection and credit bureau agencies
Contractors (See Chapter 500, Article III of this Code)
Craft shops
Department stores (clothing, hats, shoes, housewares)
Drug store and variety sales
Dry goods store (piece goods, etc.)
Electrical household equipment
Electrical machinery (See Merchants)
Examiners of title (See Abstractors)
Farm machinery and implement dealers including repairs and parts
Firearms, including sales, repair and accessories
Florists, floral companies and nurseries
Foundry and machine shops
Freight and trailer trucks
Fresh fish dealers and merchants
Furniture dealers (new and secondhand, See Merchant)
Furniture store (all types home furnishings)
Gasoline dealers, retail, including auto accessories
Gasoline dealers, wholesale
Gift shops, cards, etc. (See Variety Stores)
Grocery stores (Food merchant)
Hardware stores, general merchandise, including all types appliances
Hotels and motels (large, small or otherwise)
House movers
Insurance company agencies
Itinerant merchants
Jewelry and watch, including sales or repairs
Juke boxes (See Music Boxes, etc.)
Junk dealers
Ladies furnishing store or dress shop
Laundries, self-service
Laundries, steam and/or agents, pressers, and dry cleaning
Loan company
Machine shops (See Foundries)
Manufacturers, including rebuilding
Meat market (See Butchers)
Men's furnishings
Merchants (General, not otherwise designated)
Minstrel (See Circuses)
Monument or marble dealers
Newspapers and job printing plants
Nursery stock agents
Peddlers (per peddler, per day)
Sign painters
Skating rinks
Sound trucks
Special photographers (per day)
Storage warehouse
Street fairs (See Circuses)
Street stand (lunch stands, peanuts, popcorn, ice cream and similar)
Theater or moving picture shows
Tinners and tin shop, including sheet metal
Trailer grounds and mobile home parks
Transient merchants (See Peddlers or Itinerant Merchants)
Wholesale merchants, wholesale quantities for resale
Wood dealers
Yard service contractor
Any vocation not otherwise designated herein
[Code 1961 §40.03; CC 1983 §16-112]
All licenses issued under this Article shall be in the form prescribed by the Council, and shall be signed by the Mayor, and attested by the City Clerk, and countersigned by the City Collector. The City Clerk shall affix the corporate Seal of the City thereto.
[Code 1961 §40.04; CC 1983 §16-113]
No license required by this Article shall be issued until the fee prescribed therefor has been paid to the City Collector.
[Code 1961 §40.05; CC 1983 §16-114]
Licenses expire on December thirty-first (31st) following their issuance, and shall be issued for a term of one (1) year or fraction thereof, except as otherwise provided.
When the date of the application for a license is prior to July first (1st) of any year, the full license fee for one (1) whole year shall be paid. When the application for a license is made on or after July first (1st) in any year, one-half (½) of the regular license fee shall be paid.
Telephone company licenses expire on May thirty-first (31st).
[Code 1961 §40.06; CC 1983 §16-115]
A licensee shall keep his/her license posted in full view in a conspicuous place at his/her place of business.
[Code 1961 §40.07; CC 1983 §16-116]
No license issued under this Chapter shall be assigned or transferred, except when a business is sold. The license to conduct the same may be transferred to the purchaser thereof by and with the consent of the majority of the Council.
[Code 1961 §40.08; CC 1983 §16-117]
A license record of licenses issued under this Article shall be kept by the City Clerk, which shall show the name of the person, the amount of the license and date of expiration.
[Code 1961 §40.09; CC 1983 §16-118]
General Fund. All monies received by the City Collector as license fees, and all other money collected under this Article shall be placed to the credit of the General Fund.
Undistributed Licenses. The itinerant merchant license fee collected shall be set aside in an account to be known as undistributed licenses and shall be held in trust for a period of one (1) year from the date of receipt. At the end of such period if such merchant shall still be and shall have been continuously engaged in such mercantile business for the period of one (1) year, such person shall have a refund of such license fee of two hundred dollars ($200.00), less the amount of the regular privilege tax for such business. If such merchant discontinues his/her business within the period of one (1) year, the license fee paid by him/her shall be credited to the General Fund of the City and distributed in like manner as other licenses are distributed.
[Code 1961 §40.10; CC 1983 §16-119]
Before the end of each calendar year, the Police Department shall make a survey of all business establishments within the City and report in detail the type of business which is located therein and shall obtain the name of the operator thereof and furnish this data to the City Clerk. The City Clerk shall then deliver the license in accordance with the data furnished by the Police Department to the City Collector, taking his/her receipt therefor, and charging him/her with the full amount on the City books, whereupon the Collector shall make prompt collection thereof.
[Code 1961 §40.11; CC 1983 §16-120]
A merchant's license shall not authorize a merchant to deal in the selling of goods, wares and merchandise at more than one (1) place at the same time.
[Code 1961 §40.13; CC 1983 §16-121]
The owner, lessee, operator, or agent for any public ground or park may maintain or conduct on or within the enclosed ground, but at no other place, ball games, operatic shows, drama and vaudeville shows and other shows, cafes, refreshment stands, skating rinks and other lawful amusements and amusement devices not herein expressly prohibited. The sale of intoxicating liquors on such grounds is prohibited. This Section shall not authorize or permit the exhibition of any circus on or within such enclosed grounds unless the same shall be entirely under the management and control of the person operating such amusement place, and paying a license therefor as provided by this Article.
[Code 1961 §40.14; CC 1983 §16-122]
Every hall kept for rent or use for dances, concerts, lectures and other entertainments, shall be deemed a public hall and no license therefor shall be issued for less than one (1) year.
[Code 1961 §40.17; CC 1983 §16-123]
The license fee for insurance companies is levied upon each insurance company having an agent representing or doing business for such insurance company in the City, by such agent soliciting for or distributing any advertising matter bearing the name of such company, or the name of such agent as its representative, or by writing for or transmitting to such company any policy or policies of insurance for issue or approval by such company, or by receiving for or transmitting any application or applications from any person for insurance with such insurance company, or by receiving for or transmitting to any such company premiums or money, or its equivalent, whether the same is received in behalf of such insurance company, or as the agent for the person desiring or applying for insurance, or in any other way representing such insurance company in soliciting or carrying on the business of insurance in the City.
[Code 1961 §40.18; CC 1983 §16-124]
Every person representing or doing business for any fire, life, accident, casualty, plate glass, cyclone or other insurance company in the City shall file with the City Clerk, on or before January tenth (10th) of each year, and before he/she takes out a license for any insurance company, an itemized statement of all insurance companies represented by such agent in the City.
Such statement shall contain the correct name of all such insurance companies and the place of its home office, and shall be sworn to by such agent or representative, or some creditable person in behalf of such agent or representative.
In case a person becomes the agent of any insurance company after the filing of such statement he/she shall at once make a supplementary statement, under oath, of any and all such companies represented by him/her which were not included in the former statement, and the same shall be at once filed with the City Clerk.
The City Clerk shall file the sworn statement in his/her office, but no fee shall be charged by the Clerk for filing such statement.
[Code 1961 §40.19; CC 1983 §16-125]
No person shall advertise any business, profession or calling on the streets by use of a sound truck, except as herein provided. A license shall be issued to the owner of a sound truck who may advertise commercially for himself/herself or his/her business, or for a church or charitable organization, but he/she shall not advertise commercially for another's business or profession. Such advertising shall be done only while the truck is moving. A sound truck shall be operated only between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. on weekdays.
[Ord. No. 754 §§1 — 3, 9-7-1993]
No occupational or business license shall be issued to any person until such person produces a copy of a certificate of insurance for Workers' Compensation coverage if the applicant for the license is required to cover his/her liability under Chapter 287, RSMo. It is further made a violation of this Section to provide fraudulent information relative to proof of Workers' Compensation coverage.
Nothing in this Section shall be construed to create or constitute a liability to or a cause of action against the City in regard to the issuance or non-issuance of any license for failure to provide evidence of Workers' Compensation coverage.
The City Clerk is directed to take appropriate actions, including altering the license application form to require a statement and evidence of Workers' Compensation insurance.