Village of Camillus, NY
Onondaga County
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The Board of Trustees of the Village of Camillus has determined that the accumulation of refuse, recyclables, construction and demolition materials anywhere in the Village of Camillus would be unsightly and potentially hazardous to the general welfare of the people of the Village of Camillus and accordingly that the accumulation and disposal of such materials in certain circumstances needs to be specially addressed by the Village of Camillus.
The Board of Trustees has further determined that the responsibility for the proper disposal of such materials should rest with the individual or entity who generated such material and that the Village can assist, only on a limited basis, in the proper disposal of such material.
The Village of Camillus may provide, from time to time, by duly adopted resolution, for the pickup and disposal of certain refuse, construction and demolition materials and recyclables from certain residential premises. Said services shall be based upon a determination of general Village-wide concern or necessity including in relation to seasonal occurrences, unusual weather conditions, or based on any other criteria of public purpose and necessity as determined by the Village Board. Such Village-wide pickups shall be determined in advance by the Board of Trustees, and the residents of the Village shall be notified in an appropriate manner in advance thereof. All such materials intended for pickup shall be brought to the curb fronting the residence by the resident and not by Village employees. The Village may limit the services to only certain types of refuse, construction and demolition material and recyclables and to only certain types of premises.
Borrow policy.
Other than the foregoing occasional scheduled pickups, a Village refuse or dump truck may be made available to be left at certain premises in the Village, when requested by a property owner, to load with certain refuse, construction and demolition or recyclable materials, after which the truck will be removed by a Village employee and such materials properly disposed of.
The estimated charge for such service to the property owner requesting such service shall be paid in advance to the Village Clerk. The charge shall represent the fair value of use of the truck and Village labor to operate the truck. The Village Board of Trustees shall establish from time to time, by duly adopted resolution, a fee schedule representing the fair value of the use of the truck and Village labor.
The property owner shall likewise deposit with the Village Clerk an additional sum representing the estimated cost of the Village's out-of-pocket expenses to discard said material (including any additional charges or penalties imposed as a result of the materials disposed of), commonly referred to as "tipping fees."
If the actual out-of-pocket costs or estimated fair value of the use of the truck and Village labor exceeds the sum deposited, then the owner shall pay said excess immediately upon notification by the Village Clerk; interest shall accrue on any sums unpaid after 10 days at the rate of 12% per annum; the Village Clerk shall immediately refund to the property owner any portion of the deposit not used for such out-of-pocket costs.
At the time of payment of said fees, the property owner requesting the same must execute a written agreement agreeing to the terms hereof, assuming responsibility for any damage to the Village truck resulting from the property owner's use, holding the Village of Camillus harmless for any claims, losses, liabilities or damages that may be occasioned by or arise from the transactions contemplated hereunder and agreeing to pay all sums that the property owner owes the Village pursuant to this article, together with reasonable attorney's fees, costs and disbursement if legal efforts or a lawsuit are necessary to collect the same.
Any such materials to be hauled and disposed of as contemplated hereunder shall be uniform in type or shall be clearly segregated if permitted by the Village.