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Rappahannock County, VA
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[Adopted 5-4-2015]
Editor's Note: Former Art. II, Rabid Dogs, adopted 5-2-1929, was repealed 7-6-1994 (as readopted 12-2-1996).
The owner or custodian of any dog four months of age and older shall have such animal currently vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian or licensed veterinary technician who is under the immediate and direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian on the premises unless otherwise provided by regulations. The supervising veterinarian on the premises shall provide the owner or custodian of the dog with a rabies vaccination certificate or herd rabies vaccination certificate and shall keep a copy in his/her own files. The owner or custodian of the dog shall furnish within a reasonable period of time, upon the request of an animal control officer, humane investigator, law enforcement officer, State Veterinarian's representative, or official of the Department of Health, the certificate of vaccination for such dog. At the discretion of the local health director, a medical record from a licensed veterinary establishment reflecting a currently vaccinated status may serve as proof of vaccination. "Currently vaccinated" means that the expiration date on the certificate of vaccination has not yet passed.
Vaccination subsequent to a summons to appear before a court for failure to do so shall not operate to relieve such owner or custodian from the penalties or court costs provided by law.
The owner of a vaccinated dog that is not already licensed shall apply for a license and pay the applicable tax to the Treasurer of Rappahannock County within the time limits set by § 65-16 of this Code.
An owner or custodian, either or both, of a dog that is not currently vaccinated for rabies as required by this section shall be guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor. (Note: See (§§ 3.2-6521, 3.2-6522, 3.2-6525, 3.2-6529, 3.2-6543, Code of Virginia.)