Village of Hanley Hills, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Board of Trustees of the Village may by ordinance enter into a contract or agreement with any other political subdivision for the provision of police services by one political subdivision to another on request as provided for in Section 70.815, RSMo. The terms "Chief of Police", "Police", "Police Officer" and "Police Department", as used herein, shall refer to Law Enforcement Officers of the contracting entity.
[R.O. 2012 §200.050; CC 1987 §71.900]
No person, association or corporation shall permit any alarm to sound or be activated without just cause.
[R.O. 2012 §200.060; CC 1987 §71.910]
"Just cause" shall be defined as physical evidence of attempted entry to the premises on which the alarm is located.
[R.O. 2012 §200.070; CC 1987 §71.920]
Upon the determination by any Police Officer of the Village of Hanley Hills, Police Commissioner or Chairman of the Board that an alarm has sounded, and any Police Officer of the Village of Hanley Hills, or any other department has responded to said alarm, and that no forced entry was attempted, the Village Clerk shall send a notice to the alarm user notifying the alarm user of the determination that a false alarm has been sounded from his/her premises.
[R.O. 2012 §200.080; CC 1987 §71.930; Ord. No. 984 Art. I, 12-17-2009]
Each alarm user shall pay the Village of Hanley Hills the sum of thirty dollars ($30.00) for the second (2nd) false alarm and fifty dollars ($50.00) for each false alarm thereafter within one (1) calendar year. Said sum shall be due and owing upon notice from the Village Clerk and, if not paid within thirty (30) days, shall be subject to Section 200.060.
[R.O. 2012 §200.090; CC 1987 §71.940; Ord. No. 984 Art. II, 12-17-2009]
In the event that an alarm user fails to pay the invoice of the Village Clerk set out in Section 200.050 with thirty (30) days, said user shall be in violation of this Article and subject to prosecution therefore in the Municipal Court of the Village of Hanley Hills for a failure to pay false alarm invoice. The penalty for violating this Section shall be a minimum of fifty dollars ($50.00) and a maximum of five hundred dollars ($500.00).
In addition to the aforesaid violation, a late fee in the amount of five dollars ($5.00) per month shall be assessed as a late fee against the alarm user beginning on the thirtieth (30th) day after the original invoice is billed and unpaid and continuing every thirty (30) days thereafter until paid in full.
[R.O. 2012 §200.100; CC 1987 §71.960; Ord. No. 984 Art. III, 12-17-2009]
In the event the alarm user shall have five (5) false alarms in any one (1) calendar year, then and in that event, the alarm user during the following year shall not be entitled to one (1) free false alarm. In such circumstance, the alarm user must pay to the Village of Hanley Hills the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00) for each and every false alarm in the next calendar year.