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Township of Pittsfield, MI
Washtenaw County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Board of Trustees of the Charter Township of Pittsfield as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Dumping and littering — See Ch. 8, Art. IV.
[Adopted 2-25-2015 by Ord. No. 317 as Ch. 26, Art. II, of the 2015 Pittsfield Charter Township Code]
The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
Tree trimmings, hedge clippings, cardboard containers and other bulk refuse, which must be securely tied in bundles not exceeding the dimensions agreed upon by the Department and the service provider.
Leaves, brush, tree limbs, vegetative prunings, Christmas trees, and other garden or yard waste, and other organic material as may be designated by the Department and the service provider.
The Utility Department of the Township.
The Director of the Department.
Putrescible animal and vegetable waste resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking and consumption of food, including cans, containers and wrappings discarded with such items.
The weekly collection of refuse containers and bulk rubbish provided by the service provider.
All containers, paper, cardboard, and other materials specifically designated as recyclable by agreement between the Department and the service provider.
All putrescible and nonputrescible solid waste (except body waste and sewage waste), which is composed wholly or partly of garbage, rubbish, ashes, sweepings, recyclables, solid market and industrial wastes, and other such substances that may become a nuisance.
The collection of refuse from premises in the Township having a structure designed for one- or two-family dwelling occupancy.
Nonputrescible solid waste consisting of both combustible and noncombustible wastes, such as paper, cardboard, glass, crockery and similar materials, but excluding items such as broken concrete, stones, tree trunks, and also excluding such items that cannot effectively be handled by two men, such as pianos, refrigerators, etc.
The waste collection service provider contracted by the Township.
For special purposes such as seasonal compostables collection.
The Township Board of Trustees shall contract with the service provider, and by resolution shall establish the rate to be charged to premises to which such service is furnished. The rate so established shall be in an amount to reasonably defray the cost to be incurred by the Township in the furnishing and administering of such service. The rate shall be subject to change by further resolution of the Township Board of Trustees, but such change shall become effective only at the commencement of the billing period following the adoption of such resolution. The Director shall make such reasonable rules and regulations concerning the collection of refuse as he or she shall deem proper and may change and modify the rules and regulations, provided that such rules and regulations and any modifications to them are not contrary to the provisions of this article and provided further that they are subject to the approval of the Township Supervisor.
The Director shall prepare and make available to the public in the Township a suitable form of application for residential rubbish collection. The applicant shall furnish the following information:
The street address and the tax code (real estate index number) of the affected premises.
The name and the post office address of the record owner of the premises.
The applicant's signature, post office address, and telephone number, if any.
In all cases when a tenant is responsible for the payment of any such charge, the application shall so state and shall have annexed thereto a true copy of the lease of the affected premises if there is one, and a deposit equal to two months of collection at the then current rate shall accompany the application when filed.
Bills for such rates shall be rendered by the Director for the billing period immediately following the rendering of the bill. The bills shall be due and payable within 15 days from their date, and all bills not paid when due shall be deemed delinquent and a penalty of 10% of the amount of such billing shall be added and become due and owing as a part of the bill.
The service to the premises shall commence on the first week of the month immediately following the filing of the application and shall continue thereafter until the applicant, or a person authorized by the applicant, shall request in writing, mailed or delivered to the Director, that the service be terminated. Any such service may be terminated by the Director at any time when the bill is delinquent, and any such service may be terminated by amendment or repeal of this article.
Charges for services furnished to any premises shall be a lien on the premises; and any such charges delinquent for two months or more shall be certified annually to the Township Supervisor, who shall enter the delinquency upon the next tax roll against the premises to which such services shall have been rendered, and such charges shall be collected and lien shall be enforced in the same manner as provided for the collection of taxes assessed upon such roll and the enforcement of the lien. In all cases when a tenant is responsible for the payment of any such charge and the Director is so notified in writing, such notice to include a true copy of the lease of the affected premises, if there is one, no such charge shall become a lien against the premises from and after the date of such notice. In event of filing of such notice, the Director shall render no further service to such premises until a cash deposit in the sum of the then current billing shall have been made as security for the payment of such charges.
Residential collection shall be furnished weekly by the Township to all premises for which application is properly filed and shall include special collections.
The Director shall establish residential collection districts throughout the Township and shall designate the day of the week on which the collection shall be made in each district, and shall cause notice to be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Township at least one week prior to the day for collection in the event of a change of the day of the week on which collection shall be made in a given district.
The collection service under this article shall include the normal residential collection consisting of the refuse within containers and bulk rubbish placed together at one point of collection on the premises to be served, and at a point not more than three feet from a public or private roadway abutting the premises. Containers shall be provided by the service provider. The cost of replacement in the event of damage to or loss of a container shall be borne by the applicant, except in case of normal wear and tear.
Dead animals, liquids, hot ashes, dangerous chemicals or explosives shall not be placed in refuse containers for Township collection but must be disposed of otherwise by the owner.
It shall be unlawful for any occupant or person having control of the premises to cause or permit rubbish or any container to be placed at the collection point more than 24 hours before normal residential collection or to remain at the collection point more than 24 hours following collection.
Any person may dispose of his own refuse under the following conditions:
By an approved incinerator or garbage grinder located within a building.
By out-of-doors incineration in containers approved by the Township Fire Department or in a manner consistent with the Township Fire Prevention Code, provided such refuse consists wholly of material readily burnable that is not garbage and does not emit an objectionable odor when burned.
By transporting refuse to a sanitary landfill in such a manner that no part of such refuse can escape or be spilled on any street or highway.
Violation of this article shall be a municipal civil infraction subject to the penalties established by Chapter 2, Article V, Municipal Civil Infractions; Civil Fines and Penalties, of this Code. Each day a violation exists shall be deemed a separate offense. The imposition of any penalty shall not exempt the offender from compliance with the requirements herein.