Township of Middle, NJ
Cape May County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Committee of the Township of Middle as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Uniform construction codes — See Ch. 112.
Subdivision of land and site plan review — See Ch. 218.
Zoning — See Ch. 250.
[Adopted 6-1-2015 by Ord. No. 1501-15]
It is the purpose of this article to impose upon developers the costs incurred by Middle Township in updating the municipal Tax Map/GIS database as a result of the approval of various subdivisions or the creation of any new lots within Middle Township. Said costs are directly related to the development procedure, and thereby Middle Township determines that they should be borne by the developer/applicant for all said subdivisions.
Tax Map/GIS database update fees. Each applicant and/or developer for any approval which results in the creation of any new lots, revisions of any existing lots, and/or other alterations to the Tax Map/GIS database shall be responsible for paying all reasonable charges incurred by the Middle Township Engineer in updating said Tax Map/GIS database. These costs shall include, but not be limited to, update to the GIS database, revisions to existing Tax Map plates, creation/addition of new Tax Map plates, appropriate revisions to the Key Map(s), reprographic services for applicable Township, county and state submission copies, as well as any reasonable shipping and handling fees involved.
Once final submission and/or new lot approval has been received, an escrow account shall be established by the applicant and maintained by Middle Township for the express purpose of maintaining the Tax Map/GIS database. No construction permit shall be issued until said costs are posted with Middle Township, as outlined below:
For minor subdivisions (five lots or less): $65 per lot.
Major subdivisions are further broken down as follows:
For one to 25 lots: $45 per lot.
For 26 to 75 lots: $40 per lot.
For 76 to 125 lots: $35 per lot.
For 126 to 175 lots: $30 per lot.
For 176 or more lots: $25 per lot.
Per commercial site plan: $800.
Per condominium site plan: $1,000 plus $20 per unit for residential condominium projects.
For each lot/Tax Map revision due to deed discrepancies, lot line adjustments, easement detailing, ownership labeling, acreage calculation and labeling, street name changes and other minor revisions: $45 per lot or per change.
For printing/plotting of final deliverables, as outlined herein: $500.
If any portion of the escrow account remains unused following the appropriate revisions to the Tax Map/GIS database, it shall be refunded to the applicant.
In the event that any application for development is denied and the application is no longer pending before the respective board, then any portion of the aforementioned fee, which has not been expended by the engineer responsible for maintaining the Tax Map/GIS database, shall be refunded to the applicant.
In addition to the maintenance fees noted, each approved applicant must supply a map of the new subdivision or new lot in a scale suitable for inclusion on the Middle Township Tax Map/GIS database. Said map must be submitted in both electronic and hard copy formats, and must be compliant with current New Jersey Map Filing Law guidelines (N.J.S.A. 46-23.1).
In addition to any/all hard copy submissions already required of all map and plan materials currently being submitted to Middle Township, a digital graphics file containing the data outlined in Subsection D shall also be submitted with each project. All files must be submitted in a .dwg or .dxf file format.
All electronic files must be created in New Jersey State Plane Coordinate System North American Datum 1983 (NADE 83), in the US Survey feet.
All line work shall connect at line end points. Overlaps, gaps or dangles are not acceptable. Polygon objects, such as parcels or other boundaries, shall be created from line segments, connecting to adjacent line work at intersections. Single, closed polygons are not to be used where coincidental boundaries may occur. All text shall be clearly legible and not obscured by polygon boundaries/line work.
All digital files for proposed property upgrades/changes/improvements shall be submitted to Middle Township within 45 days of recordation of the final plat or parcel map. Upon acceptance of the improvements by the Land Development Board, the digital files for all public, private and site development, upgrades, changes and/or improvements shall be submitted by the originating party. These digital files shall contain all information as shown on the approved, hard copy plans, as well as any approved changes or revision, and and/all as-build information. Any proposed deviation from these guidelines shall be considered by the Land Development Board on a case-by-case basis only.
The following minimum information must be provided as outlined for each type of project referenced:
Signalization data: striping, traffic signs, traffic signals, legend.
Contour data: contour lines and contour elevations.
Grading data: street grade, top of curb elevations.
Road data: right-of-way lines, street name(s), sign locations, center line locations, median island locations, sidewalk locations, retaining wall locations, sound barrier locations, driveway/gutter line locations, curblines, handicap ramp locations, traffic light locations, tree/shrub locations, legend.
Surface data: water body locations, stream/drainage ditch locations, park locations, railroad locations, bike path/trail locations, well locations, aboveground storage tank locations, legend.
Survey data: boundary line locations, monument locations, center line locations, lot/parcel boundaries, easement locations, control lines, legend.
Utilities data: transmission line locations, pole locations, transformer locations, lateral locations, meter locations, valve locations, cleanout locations, manhole locations, catch basin locations, hydrant locations, culvert/culvert fencing locations, water line locations, sanitary sewer line locations, stormwater drainage facility locations, legend.
Any/all previous ordinances now in effect regarding Tax Map/GIS database escrow fees in Middle Township are superseded by this article.