Village of Fonda, NY
Montgomery County
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The proposed personal wireless service facility shall meet the following applicable design guidelines:
Towers, or monopoles not requiring Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) painting or marking shall either have a galvanized finish or be painted gray or blue gray above the surrounding tree line and gray, green or tannish brown below the surrounding tree line.
No signals, lights or illumination shall be permitted on personal wireless service facilities unless required by the FAA or other federal, state or local authority.
For towers or monopoles, vegetative screening shall be provided to effectively screen the tower base and accessory facilities. At a minimum, screening shall consist of one row of native evergreen trees capable of forming a continuous hedge at least 10 feet in height within two years of planting. Existing vegetation shall be preserved to the maximum extent practicable and may be used as a substitute of or in supplement toward meeting landscaping requirements. Additional screening may be required to screen portions of the structure from nearby residential property or important views. All landscaping shall be properly maintained to ensure good health and viability, for the life of the facility.
All personal wireless service facilities shall be sited to have minimum adverse visual effect on residential areas, parks or major roadways.
Signage shall be prohibited on personal wireless service facilities except for signage to identify the facility which is located along the right-of-way frontage. Except as specifically required by a federal, state or local authority, no signage shall be permitted on equipment mounting structures or antennas.