Town of Hadley, MA
Hampshire County
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[Adopted 10-30-2014 SFTM by Art. 8]
No person shall allow any intrusion, panic, or burglar alarm, or other similar style notification that is communicated to emergency services with the expectation of a response, to remain in faulty working order such that the alarm, signal or other means of communication with emergency services activates more than three times each month absent of a real or perceived threat to public safety.
If public safety personnel are required to respond to more than three false alarms caused by the same device at the same property in any month, then the owners of the device shall be jointly and severally liable for the fines as set forth below. Response costs may also be assessed.
This bylaw shall be enforced by a noncriminal disposition pursuant to MGL c. 40, § 21D by any police officer. Any penalty imposed under this bylaw shall be in addition to any civil penalty imposed under MGL c. 94C, § 32L.