Township of Irvington, NJ
Essex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note: References throughout the Code to "Town Clerk" and "Township Clerk" shall be deemed to read "Municipal Clerk."
The Municipal Clerk shall be appointed by the Council.
The Municipal Clerk shall, prior to his appointment, have been qualified by training or experience to perform the duties of the office.
The Municipal Clerk shall serve for a term of three years from the date of his appointment.
The compensation of the Municipal Clerk shall be at the rate fixed by ordinance.
[Amended 3-24-1998 by Ord. No. MC 3090]
The Municipal Clerk shall:
Serve as Clerk of the Council, by virtue of that office, and keep its minutes and records of its proceedings in appropriate books to be kept in that office.
Maintain and compile the ordinances and resolutions of the Township as required by the Charter and general law.
Have custody and safely keep the seal of the Township and all records and documents, reports, papers and maps required to be filed in his office.
Perform such other duties as may be provided by general law, the Charter, the provisions of this Code and other ordinances of the Township and as the Council may prescribe.
Provide secretarial and clerical services for the Council members in the discharge of their official duties and one or more offices for conferences and consultation.
For the purposes of Title 11A of the New Jersey Revised Statutes, as well as the internal recordkeeping purposes of the municipality, serve as the official appointing authority for all employees under the jurisdiction of the office of the Municipal Clerk and the Office of the Municipal Council, all bodies created thereby and all bodies hereinafter created thereby, with the advise and consent of Council. Additionally, the Municipal Clerk shall have the power to determine separation of service, for whatever reason, layoffs and demotions in lieu of layoffs in accordance with the New Jersey Department of Personnel procedures for all employees under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Municipal Clerk and the Office of the Municipal Council, all bodies created thereby and all bodies hereinafter created thereby, with the advise and consent of Council. The term "layoff" shall be defined as "the involuntary separation of an employee from the Township of Irvington for reasons other than delinquency or misconduct."
The Municipal Clerk shall cause the Town Seal to be affixed to instruments and writings when authorized by any ordinance or resolution or when necessary to exemplify any document or record in his office or to certify any act or paper which, from the records in his office, shall appear to have been a public act of the Town or a public document. He shall not affix the seal or cause or permit it to be affixed to any instrument or writing or other paper except as provided in this section, unless required by Charter or general law.
The Municipal Clerk shall cause all ordinances and resolutions of a permanent nature passed by the Council to be carefully and securely bound in books to be provided for that purpose. He shall enter after each ordinance his certificate of due and proper passage and of the proof of the due publication thereof; but his omission to certify any ordinance or proof of publication thereof as hereby directed shall not impair or affect the validity in any respect.
Certified copies of all ordinances and resolutions shall forthwith be distributed to the Town Attorney and to all departments of the Town that will be affected thereby.
The Municipal Clerk shall prepare a copy of all ordinances or proposed ordinances which will require publication under the Charter or general law, and cause the same, properly attested, to be published in any newspaper legally qualified for the publication of official Town advertisements, and shall file in his office the requisite proofs of such publication.
The Municipal Clerk shall issue notices to the respective members of the Council and to all other persons whose attendance may be required at any regular meeting of the Council. Such notice shall be in accordance with a schedule which the Municipal Clerk shall prepare on the first day of January of each year for the ensuing year. The Municipal Clerk shall, whenever a special meeting of the Council is called in accordance with law, issue and cause notices thereof to be served upon the members of the Council and any other persons whose presence may be required.
Whenever the Council has taken any action requiring any act or forbearance of any officer or employee of the Town or affecting the administration of the functions, powers or duties of any such officer or employee, it shall be the duty of the Municipal Clerk to communicate officially the action of the Council to the persons affected and to retain the matter on the agenda of the Council for such further disposition as may be required. Each officer and employee shall, unless otherwise directed, direct his response to the action of the Council to the attention of the Municipal Clerk, for presentation to and information of the Council.
The Municipal Clerk shall charge and receive for the use of the Town such fees for searches, transcripts and certifications as shall be authorized by resolution of the Council.