City of Augusta, ME
Kennebec County
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In order to assist Code users in the transition to the new Code's organization, the Derivation Table indicates where chapters and articles of the 1990 Code have been included in the 2015 Code, or the reason for exclusion.
Not included in Code.
Chapter/Title From 1990 Code
Location in 2015 Code
Part I, Charter and Related Laws
Subpart A, Charter
City Charter
Subpart B, Charter of the Augusta Sanitary District
Subpart C, Charter of the Augusta Water District
Subpart D, Charter of the Augusta Parking District
Subpart E, Rules and Regulations of the Augusta Parking District
Part II, Code of Ordinances
Ch. 1, General Provisions
Ch. 1, Arts. II and III
Ch. 2, Administration
Art. I, In General
Ch. 5
Art. II, City Council
Ch. 23
Art. III, Officers and Employees
Div. 1, Generally
Div. 2, Reserved
Div. 3, Director of Finance and Administration
Ch. 70, Art. IV
Div. 4, City Clerk
Ch. 70, Art. I
Div. 5, Corporation Counsel
Ch. 70, Art. II
Div. 6, City Auditor
Ch. 70, Art. III
Div. 7, Augusta Development Commission
Ch. 14, Art. I
Art. IV, Personnel Rules and Regulations
Ch. 75
Art. V, Finance
Ch. 42
Art. VI, Procurement
Ch. 83
Art. VII, Advertising Policy
Ch. 9
Ch. 3, Amusements
Ch. 115
Ch. 4, Animals and Fowl
Ch. 119
Ch. 5, Bicycles
Ch. 126
Ch. 6, Development Services
Art. I, In General
Ch. 70, Art. V
Art. II, Code Enforcement
Div. 1, Generally
Ch. 134
Div. 2, Safe and Sanitary Housing Code
Ch. 173
Div. 3, Mineral Extraction Ordinance
Ch. 198, Art. I
Div. 4, Blasting Ordinance
Ch. 130
§§ 6-92 — 6.99, Vacant and Abandoned Building Registration
Ch. 137
Art. III, Planning
Div. 1, Generally
Div. 2, Planning Board
Ch. 14, Art. II
Div. 3, Regional Planning Commission
Ch. 14, Art. III
Div. 4, Regional Council of Governments
Ch. 14, Art. IV
Div. 5, Historic Preservation
Ch. 169
Div. 6, Reserved
Div. 7, Subdivisions
Ch. 245, Art. I
Art. IV, Streets and Sidewalks
Div. 1, Generally
Ch. 241, Art. I
Div. 2, Development of New Streets
Ch. 241, Art. II
Div. 3, Reserved
Div. 4, Sewers, Drains and Drainage
Ch. 229
Art. V, Airport
Ch. 14, Art. V
Art. VI, Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Ordinance
Ch. 142, Art. I
Ch. 6.2, Public Works
Art. I, In General
Ch. 70, Art. VI
Art. II, Streets and Sidewalks
Div. 1, Generally
Ch. 241, Art. III
Div. 2, Reserved
Div. 3, Excavations
Ch. 198, Art. II
Div. 4, Sewers, Drains and Drainage
Ch. 241, Art. IV
Div. 5, Snow Removal
Ch. 241, Art. V
Art. III, Solid Waste
Ch. 237
Ch. 6.5, Community Services
Art. I, In General
§ 6.5-1, Director
Ch. 70, Art. VII
§ 6.5-2, Truant officers
Ch. 70, Art. VIII
§ 6.5-3, Reserved seats at Civic Center
Ch. 215, Art. I
§ 6.5-4, Pesticides
Ch. 142, Art. II
Art. II, Reserved
Art. III, Health and Welfare
Div. 1, Generally
Ch. 165
Div. 2, General Assistance
Ch. 157
Div. 3, Smoking
Ch. 233
Art. IV, Libraries
Ch. 186
Art. V, Museums
Ch. 64
Art. VI, Conservation
Div. 1, Generally
Div. 2, Conservation Commission
Ch. 14, Art. VI
Art. VII, Parks and Recreation
Div. 1, Generally
Ch. 215, Art. II
Div. 2, Conduct in Public Parks
Ch. 215, Art. III
Div. 3, Harbor Rules and Regulations
Ch. 215, Art. IV
Art. VIII, Trees
Ch. 254
Art. IX, Cemeteries
Ch. 20
Ch. 7, Elections
Ch. 31
Ch. 8, Emergency Management
Ch. 35
Ch. 9, Reserved
Ch. 10, Reserved
Ch. 11, Licenses, Permits and Miscellaneous Business Regulations
Art. I, In General
Ch. 190, Part 1
Art. II, Bottle Clubs
Ch. 190, Part 2
Art. III, Licensing of Commercial Solid Waste and/or Septage Waste Facilities
Ch. 190, Part 3
Art. IV, Franchising and Regulation of Cable Television Systems
Ch. 190, Part 4
Art. V, Alarm Systems
Ch. 190, Part 5
Art. VI, Massage Establishments and Massage Therapists
Ch. 190, Part 6
Art. VII, Tattooing
Ch. 190, Part 7
Ch. 12, Reserved
Ch. 13, Offenses and Miscellaneous Regulations
Ch. 207
Ch. 14, Reserved
Ch. 15, Reserved
Ch. 16, Public Safety
Art. I, In General
Art. II, Operation
Ch. 79
Art. III, Fire Prevention and Protection
Ch. 148
Art. IV, Consumer Fireworks
Ch. 151
Ch. 17, Reserved
Ch. 18, Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Ch. 270
Ch. 19, Vehicles for Hire
Ch. 250
A, Land Use Ordinance
Ch. 300