City of Augusta, ME
Kennebec County
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Material from buildings which are being taken down, constructed or renovated shall be disposed of at the City's solid waste disposal facility except as provided in this section. Prior to delivery to the facility, materials shall be separated so that wood materials and metal materials are not mixed in with other debris such as roofing, insulation, plaster, sheetrock, plastics, concrete, mortar, cured concrete, bricks and other items. Materials shall be disposed of at the City's solid waste facility in accordance with the Hatch Hill Facility General Rules for the Disposal of Solid Waste unless the owner or the agent of the owner has received written approval from the Department of Public Works to dispose of the material in another location. Such approval must state the exact location and how the material will be disposed of. All work shall be in conformance with Department of Public Works administrative rules and performance standards. The purpose of these rules and standards shall be to protect abutting property, the environment, and to control dust, noise and nuisances associated with the handling of all demolition debris. These shall be available at the Office of the Director of Public Works.
Upon written approval of the Department of Public Works, material that can be classified as inert fill, which is defined as clean soil material, rocks, bricks and cured concrete, that is not mixed with other solid or liquid waste and that is not derived from an ore mining activity may be disposed of at a fill site. The area where the material is to be disposed of must be an approved fill site and shall comply with all applicable state and local rules and regulations and any special conditions which may be established for that site.
The permanent storage or disposal of either or both high-level and low-level radioactive waste, as defined in 38 M.R.S.A. § 1451, within the boundaries of the City is prohibited.