Township of Ferguson, PA
Centre County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Powers

Section 1.01 Title and Purpose.

Section 1.02 Boundaries.

Section 1.03 Name of Municipality.

Section 1.04 Powers and Duties.

Section 1.05 Ferguson Township Community Bill of Rights.

Article II Township Board of Supervisors

Section 2.01 Status and Title.

Section 2.02 Duties and Powers of the Board.

Section 2.03 Composition.

Section 2.04 Terms and Elections.

Section 2.05 Qualifications for Supervisor.

Section 2.06 Compensation.

Section 2.07 Authority.

Section 2.08 Prohibitions.

Section 2.09 Vacancies.

Section 2.10 Filling of Vacancies.

Section 2.11 Oath of Office.

Section 2.12 Organization of Supervisors.

Section 2.13 Meetings.

Section 2.14 Records.

Section 2.15 Public Meetings.

Section 2.16 Operating Rules.

Section 2.17 Quorum.

Section 2.18 Majority Action.

Section 2.19 Form of Action by the Board.

Section 2.20 Citizens Right to be Heard.

Section 2.21 General Ordinance Requirements.

Section 2.22 Recording of Ordinances and Resolutions.

Section 2.23 Publication and Effective Date of Ordinances.

Section 2.24 Penalties.

Section 2.25 Emergency Ordinances.

Section 2.26 Codification of Ordinances.

Article III Township Manager

Section 3.01 Nature and Title.

Section 3.02 Appointment, Qualifications and Compensation.

Section 3.03 Powers and Duties.

Section 3.04 Removal of the Manager.

Section 3.05 Limitation on the Board.

Section 3.06 Prohibitions.

Article IV Other Township Officers and Employees

Section 4.01 Auditor.

Section 4.02 Assessor.

Section 4.03 Legal Officer (Solicitor).

Section 4.04 Other Township Officers and Employees.

Article V Personnel

Section 5.01 Township Employees - Qualification.

Section 5.02 Rules and Regulations.

Section 5.03 5.03. Civil Rights.

Section 5.04 Bonding.

Article VI Departments, Boards and Commissions

Section 6.01 General Provisions.

Section 6.02 Planning Commission.

Section 6.03 Adjustment.

Section 6.04 Tax Review Board.

Article VII Financial Procedures

Section 7.01 Fiscal Year.

Section 7.02 Budget Documentation.

Section 7.03 Budget Preparation.

Section 7.04 Public Record.

Section 7.05 Budget Review.

Section 7.06 Budget Hearing.

Section 7.07 Adoption.

Section 7.08 Amendment After Adoption.

Section 7.09 Appropriations.

Section 7.10 Payment of Funds.

Section 7.11 Independent Audit.

Article VIII Contracts

Section 8.01 Procedure.

Section 8.02 Requirements.

Section 8.03 Competitive Bids.

Section 8.04 Bidding Procedure.

Section 8.05 Exceptions to Competitive Bidding.

Section 8.06 Personal Interest in Contracts.

Article IX Initiative, Referendum and Recall

Section 9.01 Free Petition.

Section 9.02 Group Petitions.

Section 9.03 Citizen Initiative and Referendum.

Section 9.04 Recall.

Section 9.05 Limitations.

Article X Transition

Section 10.01 Rights and Liabilities of the Township.

Section 10.02 Continuance of Contracts, Public Improvements and Taxes.

Section 10.03 Pending Actions and Proceedings.

Section 10.04 Continuation of Ordinances.

Section 10.05 Temporary Ordinances.

Section 10.06 Authority of Existing Officers.

Section 10.07 Departments, Offices and Agencies.

Section 10.08 Employee Rights and Privileges.

Section 10.09 First Election.

Section 10.10 Transition - Elected Officials.

Article XI General Provisions

Section 11.01 Amendments.

Section 11.02 Election Procedures.

Section 11.03 Severability.

Section 11.04 Effective Date.