Borough of Ramsey, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[1972 Code § 253.001]
Whenever a dog, cat or other animal is infected or is suspected of being infected with rabies, or has been bitten by an animal known or suspected to be infected with rabies, the owner or person in charge of any such animal, or every other person having knowledge thereof, shall forthwith notify the Board. Such notification shall state where the animal, or animals, so infected may be found. Whenever the Board or any officer thereof has reason to believe or has been notified by the State Department that there is danger that rabies may spread within the jurisdiction of the Board, the Board of Health officer shall serve a notice, in writing, upon all persons within the jurisdiction of such Board so far as the same may be known to the Board or to such Health Officer, owning, keeping or having charge of any dog, requiring such person to confine such dog. Any and all other animals may be included in the notice whenever, in the opinion of the Board, such animal or animals shall be so included. In lieu of serving the written notice, notice may be published in the official legal newspaper of the Borough.
[1972 Code § 253.002]
Any animal confined under order of the Board of Health shall not be released until a certificate of release has been issued by the Board of Health.
[1972 Code § 253.003]
The Board or the duly authorized agent of the Board, within the jurisdiction, shall be permitted by the owner or person in charge of a dog, cat or other animal which has attacked or bitten a person, to examine the animal at any time and daily if desired, within a period of 10 days after the animal has attacked or bitten a person, to determine whether the animal shows symptoms of rabies. No person shall refuse, obstruct or interfere with the Board of Health in making such examinations.
[1972 Code § 253.004]
The owner or other person in charge of any dog, cat or other animal known to be rabid or known to have been bitten by an animal known to have been infected by or with rabies shall, upon notice by the Board to do so, put or cause such animal to be put to death.