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City of Monroe, WI
Green County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[2016 Code]
This code of ordinances constitutes the official code of ordinances of the city of Monroe. This code shall be known and cited as the Monroe City Code, and is hereby published by authority of the council and shall be kept up to date as provided in sections 1-1-3 and 1-1-4 hereof.
[1977 Code; 2016 Code]
This code shall be received without further proof in all courts and in all administrative tribunals in this state as the code of ordinances of the city of general and permanent effect, except the excluded ordinances enumerated in section 1-2-1 of this code.
[2-2-1988; 2016 Code]
Any ordinance amending this code shall set forth the title, chapter and section number of the section or sections to be amended, and this shall constitute sufficient compliance with any statutory requirement pertaining to the amendment or revision by ordinance of any part of this code.
[2-2-1988; 2016 Code]
The city clerk shall maintain one current and official copy of this code in electronic and printed form. It shall be unlawful for any person to alter, substitute, replace or deface in any way any provision of this code maintained by the city clerk in such a manner that the meaning of any provision may be changed or omitted. The city clerk may distribute copies of this code to any city official or to any member of the public upon payment of appropriate charges. Any person having in his or her custody a copy of this code originally supplied by the city clerk shall make every effort to maintain said code in an up-to-date and efficient manner.