City of Monroe, WI
Green County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[10-21-1986; 2016 Code]
The provisions of this title shall be the minimum requirements for the promotion of public health, safety, convenience, prosperity or general welfare. This title is not intended to interfere with or annul any easements, covenants or other agreements between parties, or with rules, regulations or permits previously adopted or issued pursuant to law. However, where this title imposes a greater restriction upon the use of buildings or premises, or upon the height of buildings, or requires larger open spaces than are imposed or required by other sections of this code, rules, regulations, or by easements, covenants or agreements, the provisions of this title shall govern.
[10-21-1986; 2016 Code]
The building inspector of the city is hereby authorized and it shall be his or her duty to enforce the provisions of this title. Except where a different penalty is expressly prescribed, any person who violates any of the provisions of this title shall upon conviction be subject to a Class 3 forfeiture. Each day that a violation continues to exist shall constitute a separate offense.
[2-17-1993; 2016 Code]
The city is divided into 11 zoning districts to facilitate the restriction of various activities and various types of construction to specific areas of the city to promote the general welfare. The 11 districts are:
R-1: Single-family residence district
R-2: Medium density residential district
R-3: Multiple-family residence district
A-1: Mobile home parks district
A-2: Mobile home subdivision district
B-1: Central business district
B-2: General business district
M-1: Light industrial district
M-2: Heavy industrial district
M-3: Industrial park district
PUD: Planned unit development district
[10-21-1986; 2016 Code]
The city shall identify the zoning districts it adopts and note the boundaries of each district upon a zoning map which shall be made a part of this chapter. The Map shall be identified as zoning map of the city of Monroe, Wisconsin, and shall be filed with the city clerk. The map and all notations, references and other information shown upon the map shall be as much a part of this title as if the matters and information set forth on the map were fully described in this title. The map may be amended as required from time to time by resolution of the council.
[10-21-1986; 2016 Code]
Where uncertainty exists as to the boundaries of a district as shown on the official zoning map, the following rules shall apply:
Boundaries shown as approximately following the center line of streets, highways or alleys shall be construed to follow such center lines.
Boundaries shown as approximately following platted lot lines shall be construed as following the platted lot lines.
Boundaries shown as approximately following city limits shall be construed as following city limits.
Boundaries shown as following railroad lines shall be construed to be midway between the main tracks.
Boundaries shown as parallel to, or extensions of, lines as shown in subsections (A) through (D) of this section shall be so construed. Distances not specifically shown on the official zoning map shall be determined by the dimensions of the map.
Where physical or cultural features existing on the ground are at variance with those shown on the official zoning map or in other circumstances not covered by subsections (A) through (E) of this section, the zoning board of appeals shall interpret the district boundaries.
[6-4-1996; 2016 Code]
An annexation ordinance may place the annexed territory in one or more zoning districts under this title. If such ordinance fails to place all or any part of the annexed territory into one or more zoning districts the territory not placed in any zoning district shall become part of the R-1 district.
[10-21-1986; 2016 Code]
Whenever any street, alley or other public way is vacated by official action, the zoning districts abutting each side of the former public way shall automatically be extended to the centerline of the former public way.
[10-21-1986; 3-2-2004; 2016 Code]
The following restrictions shall apply throughout this title and apply in all instances:
General restrictions. No construction or land use be permitted in any district unless the regulations pertaining to that district expressly permit the desired construction or land use. Each detail of the desired construction or land use shall comply fully with all provisions of the regulations governing the particular zoning district.
Yards. No lot shall be so reduced that the yard space or other open space prescribed by this title is violated. No yard or open space provided about any building with the purpose of complying with the provisions of this title shall be considered as providing a yard or open space on a lot for any other building. In no case shall there be more than one building on one lot except as otherwise provided in this title.
Construction adjacent to dead end street. No construction is permitted in the area encompassed by the extended right of way line between the end of the dead end street or avenue and the corporate limits of the city.
[2-17-2015; 2016 Code]
Fees for processing an application to rezone property or an application for a conditional use permit shall be set by resolution of the council.