City of Monroe, WI
Green County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ 5-15-1 Authority.

[10-21-1986; 2016 Code]
Whenever the public necessity, convenience, general welfare or good zoning practice require, the council may, by ordinance, change the district boundaries or amend, change or supplement the regulations established by this title or amendments thereto. Such change or amendment shall be subject to the review and recommendation of the plan commission.

§ 5-15-2 Initiation.

[10-21-1986; 2016 Code]
A change or amendment may be initiated by the council, the city plan commission, or by a petition of one or more of the owners or lessees of property within the area proposed to be changed.

§ 5-15-3 Petitions.

[10-21-1986; 2016 Code]
Petitions for any change to the district boundaries or amendments to the regulations shall be filed with the city clerk, describe the premises to be rezoned or the regulations to be amended, list the reasons justifying the petition, specify the proposed use and zoning and have attached the following:
Plot plan drawn to a scale of not greater than one inch equals 200 feet showing the area proposed to be rezoned, its location and classification of adjacent zoning districts, and the location and existing use of all properties within 200 feet of the area proposed to be rezoned.
Owner's names and addresses of all properties lying within 200 feet of the area proposed to be rezoned.

§ 5-15-4 Recommendations.

[10-21-1986; 2016 Code]
The city plan commission shall review all proposed changes and amendments and shall recommend that the petition be granted as requested, modified or denied.

§ 5-15-5 Hearings.

[1-5-1993; 2016 Code]
The council shall hold a public hearing upon each recommendation giving public notice as required by law.

§ 5-15-6 Council's action.

[10-21-1986; 2016 Code]
Following the hearing required by section 5-15-5 of this chapter and after consideration of the city plan commission's recommendations, the council shall vote on the passage of the proposed change or amendment. Changes to district boundaries must be shown on the zoning map on the effective date of the change.

§ 5-15-7 Protest.

[10-21-1986; 2016 Code]
In the event of a protest against a district or amendment to the regulations of this title, signed and acknowledged by the owners of 20 percent or more either of the areas of the land included in a proposed change, or by the owners of 20 percent or more of the land within 100 feet of any boundary of the land included in a proposed change, such changes or amendments shall not become effective except by the favorable vote of three-fourths of the full council membership.