Town of Randolph, MA
Norfolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
In General - This charter may be replaced, revised or amended in accordance with any procedure made available under the Constitution of the Commonwealth, or by general or special law.
Periodic Review - The town council shall provide, in every year ending in a 0, for a review of the charter by the entire council and 6 additional persons to be appointed by the council president. The committee shall file a report within the year recommending any changes to the charter which it deems necessary or desirable, unless an extension is authorized by vote of the town council.
The provisions of this charter are severable. If any provision of this charter is held invalid, the other provisions shall not be affected thereby. If the application of this charter, or any of its provisions, to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the application of this charter and its provisions to other persons and circumstances shall not be affected thereby.
To the extent that any specific provision of this charter may conflict with any other provision expressed in general terms, the specific provision shall prevail.
A copy of all rules and regulations adopted by town agencies shall be placed on file in the office of the town clerk and shall be available for review by any person who requests such information at any reasonable time. No rule or regulation adopted by any town agency shall become effective until 5 days following the date it is so filed.
[Approved 6-13-2011 by Ord. No. 2011-012]
The town council shall provide, by appointment of a committee, or as it may determine, that in each year ending in 6 or 1, for a review of the ordinances of the town for the purpose of determining if any amendments or revisions thereto may be necessary or desirable. Such review shall be completed within the year and shall be conducted under the supervision of the town attorney or as the town council so directs by special counsel appointed for that purpose. The impact of any charter amendments, revisions and special acts of the legislature shall be examined to determine the effect on the town's ordinances.
Meetings - All multiple-member bodies of the town shall meet regularly at such times and places as they may, by their own rules, prescribe, unless some other provision is made by ordinance or by-law. Special meetings of any multiple-member body shall be held subject to the call of the chair or by one-third of the members thereof, by written notice delivered in hand or to the place of residence of each member and which contains a list of the item or items to be acted upon. Except in case of an emergency, such notice shall be delivered at least 48 hours in advance of the time set for such meeting. A copy of such notice to members shall, forthwith, be posted upon the town bulletin board.
Rules and Journals - Each multiple-member body shall determine its own rules and order of business unless another provision is made by ordinance or by-law and shall provide for the keeping of a journal of its proceedings. These rules and journals shall be a public record and certified copies shall be kept on file in the office of the town clerk and in the Turner Free Public Library.
Voting - If requested by any member, any vote of any multiple-member body shall be taken by a call of the roll and the vote of each member shall be recorded in the journal; provided, however, that if the vote is unanimous only that fact need be recorded.
Quorum - A majority of the members of a multiple-member body shall constitute a quorum, but a smaller number may meet and adjourn from time to time.
All references to General Laws contained in the charter refer to the General Laws of the commonwealth and are intended to refer to and to include any amendments or revisions to such chapters or sections, or to the corresponding chapters and sections of any rearrangement, recodification or revision of such statutes enacted or adopted subsequent to the adoption of this charter.
Every person who is elected, including those elected by the town council, or appointed to an office of the town shall receive a certificate of such election or appointment from the town clerk. Except as otherwise provided by the laws of the commonwealth, before performing any act under an appointment or election, all elected or appointed persons shall take and subscribe to an oath of office and be sworn to the faithful performance of their duties.
Whenever a vacancy shall occur in any town office or in the employment of the town, or, when by reason of a retirement, resignation, expiration of a fixed term, or otherwise, a vacancy can be anticipated, the town manager or other appointing authority shall forthwith cause public notice of such vacancy or impending vacancy to be publicly posted on the town bulletin board and website for not less than 10 days. Each such notice shall contain a brief description of the duties of the office or position and shall indicate a list of necessary or desirable qualifications for the office or position. Any person who desires to be considered for an appointment to fill such vacancy may, within 10 days following the date the notice is posted, or such longer period as may be indicated in such announcement, file with the appointing authority a statement setting forth with reasonable clarity and specificity, the qualifications of such person for such appointment. No permanent appointment to fill any position shall be effective until at least 14 days have elapsed following such posting to permit the reasonable consideration of all applicants. This section shall not apply to positions covered under the civil service law and rules or if in conflict with the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement.