Town of Milo, NY
Yates County
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Pursuant to Article 14-F of the General Municipal Law of the State of New York, sewer rents are established, as a means of producing revenue for the District, by the Town and imposed on the owners of all premises located within the limits of the District or extensions thereto which are connected with or are required to be connected with and are served by or are required to be served by the sewer system. Sewer rents shall continue to be payable whether or not the premises are occupied. The total annual sewer rents due to the District shall be determined on an annual basis by the Town.
Sewer rents shall be charged on a equivalent-dwelling-unit (EDU) basis, a dwelling unit being defined as a separate living unit complete with bath or shower, toilet and kitchen. EDUs shall be assessed on the following schedule:
Residential shall be charged one unit for the first dwelling unit and 1/2 unit for each additional dwelling unit. A "dwelling unit" is described as a separate living facility complete with the usual facilities for such purpose. For example, a building with two apartments shall be assessed 1 1/2 units.
Mobile homes in a mobile home park will be assessed at the rate of 1/2 unit per mobile home. A "mobile home" is described as a portable vehicle designed to be transported on its own wheels (whether on wheels, foundation or any stand), designed to be used as permanent detached single-family housing, having living quarters, sleeping accommodations, toilet, shower or tub and kitchen facilities.
Vacant land: Developable residential lots will be charged 1/2 unit per lot. "Developable lots" are defined as any undeveloped lot, vacant parcel or any portion thereof upon which a dwelling or commercial building may be constructed. The designation of developable lots will be made by the Code Enforcement Officer in accordance with the Town of Milo Zoning Ordinance.
Commercial or industrial buildings: one EDU for the first 4,000 square feet; one EDU for each additional 4,000 square feet thereafter rounded down to the nearest whole unit. Commercial or Industrial shall be assessed on either the acreage or building-square-footage basis, whichever is greater.
Campground, Camp Cory: seven EDUs, based on 220 campers and 60 staff minimum. Additional units based on 40 persons (campers and staff) per unit.
Golf clubs and country clubs, Lakeside Country Club: eight EDUs minimum, based on a dining seating capacity of 170.
Sewer rents for the sewer system shall be billed annually by the Town. A late payment of 15% shall be added to the sewer rent bill if not paid in full within 30 days of the due date on the Town bill.
The sewer rental derived in the manner aforesaid shall be applied toward:
The payment of the cost of the operation, maintenance and repair of the sewer system.
The payment of treatment charges imposed by the Village of Penn Yan.
The payment of interest on and amortization of or payment of indebtedness which has been or shall be incurred for the construction of the sewer system or such part or parts thereof for which sewer rents have been established and imposed (other than indebtedness, and the interest thereon, which is to be paid in the first instance from assessments upon benefitted real property).
A reserve fund created for the replacement of any of the parts or portions of the system.
Sewer rents shall constitute a lien upon the real property served by the sewer system for which sewer rents have been established. The Town Clerk shall annually on or before November 20 of each year certify to the Town the amounts of all unpaid sewer rents, including interest, which remain unpaid as of that date. The Town shall levy such amounts against the real property liable therefor as part of the annual Town, county and state tax levied in January of each year, such amount to be set forth as a separate item on the tax roll. The sewer fund shall be credited with the amount of an unpaid sewer rent, including interest, when collected.