Village of Woodridge, NY
Sullivan County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Woodridge 12-13-1971 (Ch. 18 of the 1992 Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]
The following rules and regulations will henceforth apply to the operations of the Police Department of the Village of Woodridge. Additional regulations, as may be required, will be issued by the Village Board through the Acting Chief of Police.
All police personnel on duty shall always have a neat appearance and, when in public view, be in complete uniform.
All ordinances and other regulations pertaining to police authority shall be strictly enforced.
The Village Board is the ultimate authority in the Village of Woodridge. It shall exercise its authority directly or through the Police Commissioner. The Acting Police Chief shall exercise his authority over police personnel and over other matters within his purview with proper discretion.
Police personnel shall report on time for their tours of duty. No man shall leave his post until his relief man has reported or the acting Police Chief is notified and orders are given as to what to do.
Only the Acting Police Chief shall have the authority to release or divulge any police information to the news media pertaining to internal matters, with the approval of the Village Board and the Police Commissioner.
Police personnel shall discuss any complaints or criticisms with the Acting Police Chief, who shall take such action as he deems necessary. Personnel shall also have the opportunity to discuss grievances with the Police Commissioner.
Police personnel shall spend their tours of duty on the beat and not in places of business in the Village. The police office shall be off-limits and only used for official police business.
Setting up speed traps or hiding in order to catch speeders is not a primary duty of police personnel.
Police personnel will be hired and fired by the Village Board, acting after consultation with the Acting Police Chief.
Door checks and alley checks, particularly at night, are an important part of duty tours.
The patrol car is not to be left running at any time while unattended. No stickers or slogans shall appear on the patrol car.
In the event that a situation occurs in the Village of Woodridge which, in the opinion of the Acting Police Chief or Police Commissioner, would require additional police help, he shall request such help from the nearest available source.
Police personnel shall not engage in any political activity relating to Village elections or caucus meetings.
Public intoxication shall not be permitted.
The Acting Police Chief shall meet with the Village Board at least once a month to submit reports of Department activities and to discuss any matters which he or the Board deems appropriate.
The Acting Police Chief shall work on Sunday and take Saturday as his day off from June 25 to Labor Day.
All complaints shall be immediately investigated.
When the Village work crew is working on the streets, the Police Department shall assist in traffic control.
When sanding and plowing takes place, the Police Department shall assist in any manner that is necessary to remove and clear the roads of cars.
When an ambulance is called out, the Police Department shall assist in any manner that will expedite its movement through congested areas.
When school buses are loading and unloading school children, the police shall assist in every manner.