Borough of Hatboro, PA
Montgomery County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. 996, 4/26/2010]
The Borough hereby adopts by reference Upper Moreland Hatboro Joint Sewer Authority Resolutions 537 and 538 in their entireties. True and correct copies of the aforesaid resolutions are attached hereto and made a part hereof, marked as Exhibits 18-1-A and 18-1-B respectively.
[Ord. 274, 10/25/1954, § 1]
Upper Moreland-Hatboro Joint Sewer Authority.
Borough of Hatboro.
Any liquid, gaseous, or water-borne wastes carried by water from residences, business buildings, institutions, industries, and commercial establishments.
Any structure erected and intended for continuous or periodic habitation, occupancy, or use by human beings or animals and from which structure sanitary sewage and industrial wastes, or either thereof, is or may be discharged.
A partnership, association, or corporation.
The normal household and toilet wastes carried by water from residences, business buildings, institutions, industries, and commercial establishments.
The sanitary sewer collection system, and appurtenances, including interceptors and pumping stations, now existing and to be constructed by the Authority according to the report and plans and specifications of George B. Mebus, Inc., Consulting Engineers, in the Borough sewer service area as now or hereafter described, and any improvements, additions, or extensions that hereafter may be made thereto by the Authority or the Borough or to any part or parts of any or all thereof.
[Ord. 274, 10/25/1954, § 2]
Where properties abutting upon the sewer system are assessable for proportionate share of the cost thereof, all persons owning any occupied building now erected upon premises abutting on the sewer system shall at their own expense make the connection within two months after notice to do so from the Authority.
All persons owning any premises abutting on the sewer system upon which an occupied building is hereafter erected shall, at the time of erection of such building and at their own expense, make the connections with the sewer system.
All persons owning any occupied building upon premises which hereafter shall abut on the sewer system shall, at their own expense, make the connection with the sewer system within two months after notice to do so from the Authority.
[Ord. 274, 10/25/1954, § 3]
It shall be unlawful for any person owning any occupied building on premises abutting on the sewer system to erect, construct, or use or maintain or cause to be erected, constructed, used, or maintained, any privy, cesspool, sinkhole, septic tank, or other receptacle on such premises for receiving sewage.
[Ord. 274, 10/25/1954, § 4]
Any person who erects, constructs, or maintains a privy, cesspool, sinkhole, or septic tank or other receptacle for receiving sewage, on any property abutting on the sewer system in violation of this Part, shall be deemed, and shall be declared to be erecting, constructing, and maintaining a nuisance, which nuisance the Borough is hereby authorized and directed to abate in the manner provided by law.
[Ord. 274, 10/25/1954, § 5]
No connection shall be made to the sewer system except in compliance with the appropriate ordinance of the Borough and with such rules and regulations of the Authority as may be approved from time to time by ordinance of the Borough.
[Ord. 274, 10/25/1954, § 6]
The following rules and regulations are approved for adoption by the Authority; and shall have the force and effect as though promulgated by the Borough:
Application for Service Line. Any person owning an occupied building upon premises abutting on the sewer system desiring the introduction of a service line from the sewer system to his premises must first make written application on the form furnished by the Authority. The application must be signed by such person or his duly authorized representative. No person owning any premises connected with the sewer system, or tenant of such premises shall permit another person or premises to use or connect with his service line, except upon written permit from the Authority.
Permit for Connection. Before making any connection to the sewer system, a permit must be obtained from the Authority. A permit authorizing such connection may be granted after proper application therefor has been made to the Authority and upon payment of the connection charge.
Service Connections. No sewer connection or disconnection shall be made, nor any lateral installed, except in the manner and of a type approved by the Authority or its duly authorized representative, who shall have supervision and control over the same. The lateral shall be constructed at the applicant's expense. After all pipe is laid and before the ditch is closed, all work must be inspected and approved by the representative of the Authority.
Sewage Discharge.
No roof, storm, cellar seepage, surface or ground waters, oils, tar, grease, gasoline, combustible gases or liquids, garbage or insoluble solids, or any substance which would impair or interfere with the sewer system, or any part thereof in any manner, or with the function of the processes of sewage treatment, shall be discharged into the sewer system.
No person shall discharge or cause to be discharged into the sewer system any ashes, cinders, sand, mud, straw, hay, shavings, metal, glass, scraps, rags, feathers, plastics, wood, or any other solid or viscous substance capable of causing obstruction to the flow in the sewer system or other interferences with the proper operation of the sewer system or the processes of sewage treatment.
All hotels, restaurants, boarding houses, and public eating places, before draining into the sewer system, shall install grease traps on the house drains of such character as may be specified by the Authority.
Inspection. The Authority or its representatives shall have the right of access at all reasonable times to all parts of an industrial and commercial premises connected with the sewer system and to examine and inspect the connections thereto and the plumbing fixtures or any improper connection, installation, maintenance, or use. The Authority may make reasonable charges for such inspections to users of the sewer system.
Release of Liability. Neither the Borough nor the Authority shall be liable for any damage or expense resulting from leaks, stoppages, or defective plumbing or from any other cause, occurring to any premises or within any house or building; and it is hereby expressly stipulated by all persons making connection with the sewer system that no claims shall be made against either the Borough or the Authority on account of the breaking or stoppage of, or any damage to, any lateral or house sewer line or connection when the cause thereof is found to be in such lateral or house sewer line or connection. The Borough and the Authority shall not be liable for a deficiency or failure when occasioned by an emergency, or required repairs or failure for any cause beyond control.
Vacated Premises. When premises are vacated, the owner or tenant shall give written notice thereof to the Authority, and the owner or tenant will be responsible for the sewage charges until such notice is given.
Changing Rules and Regulations. The Authority reserves the right to change or amend, from time to time, these rules and regulations in accordance with law, and subject to the approval of the Borough through its Borough Council.
[Ord. 274, 10/25/1954, § 7; as amended by Ord. 831, 12/18/1989, § 7; and by Ord. 907, 9/23/1996, § 18-207]
Any person, firm, or corporation who shall violate any provision of this Part shall, upon conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than $1,000 plus costs and, in default of payment of said fine and costs, to a term of imprisonment not to exceed 30 days. Each day that a violation of this Part continues shall constitute a separate offense.
[Ord. 274, 10/25/1954, § 8]
The Borough hereby grants to the Authority all and every easement, right-of-way, and other rights necessary or desirable on, over or under the streets included within Borough sewer service area for the purpose of construction the sewer system therein pursuant to the report of George B. Mebus, Inc., Consulting Engineers, dated March 8, 1954, and revised August 10, 1954, and in accordance with the plans and specifications therewith.