Borough of Adamstown, PA
Lancaster County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ 320-72 General intent and application.

It is the intent of these requirements that adequate parking and loading facilities be provided off the public roads of Adamstown Borough for each use of land within Adamstown Borough. Requirements are intended to be based on the demand created by each use. These requirements shall apply to all uses in all districts.

§ 320-73 Design requirements for parking facilities.

Size. The size of a parking space for one vehicle shall not be less than 180 square feet. For purposes of computing the number of parking spaces available in a given area, the ratio of 180 square feet per space shall be used. Only the area actually used for parking, not access or driving lanes, shall be considered. The provisions of this sentence shall not apply to single-family detached, semidetached and duplex dwellings.
Access and egress. Parking facilities shall be designed so that each vehicle may proceed to and from the parking space provided for it without requiring the moving of another vehicle. This requirement also applies to driveways/garages serving residential uses.
Surface. All required parking facilities shall be provided with an all-weather surface.
[Amended 4-3-2012 by Ord. No. 365]
Joint use. The required parking space for two or more uses may be provided in a common parking facility, provided that the number of spaces is not less than the sum of the spaces required for each individual use. However, a special exception by the Zoning Hearing Board may be granted to allow a reduction in the number of spaces required for separate uses when the various activities or uses are conducted at substantially different times.
Location. All parking spaces shall be provided on the premises or in common parking facilities located adjacent to the premises, except that, after Zoning Hearing Board approval as a special exception, all or part of the required number of spaces may be provided on a separate lot or lots within 500 feet from such premises.
In the Low Density (R-1) and Medium Density (R-2) Residential Districts, all off-street parking spaces shall be located behind the building line.
Except for on-street curbside parking, all new parking in the Main Street (R-3) Residential District shall be located behind buildings and accessed off an existing street or alley or from an existing curb cut.
In all other districts, off-street parking spaces shall not be located within the area of required landscaping.
In the Main Street (R-3) Residential District, no new surface or multilevel vehicle parking facilities shall be permitted in a location that will require, result in or result from the demolition of a principal building 50 years of age or older or portions thereof, unless:
The building to be demolished does not contribute to the historic character and/or streetscape of the block; or
There is no reasonable economic reuse of the existing building.

§ 320-74 Minimum parking requirements.

Dwelling: two spaces for each dwelling unit.
Bed-and-breakfast inn: one off-street parking space for each guest room in addition to the parking required for the residential use of the dwelling.
Hotel, motel or tourist home: one space for each rental unit.
Home occupation: a minimum of two off-street parking spaces in addition to the parking required for the residential use. Home day-care uses: one off-street parking space for each nonresident employee.
Theater, auditorium, church, stadium, membership club, lodge hall, funeral home, and similar places of public or private assembly. One space for each five permanent seats; and for establishments without permanent seats, one space for every 50 square feet of floor area used for assembly purposes.
Commercial business establishment, other than those specified in this section: sufficient space, as approved by the Zoning Officer, to accommodate the vehicles of all persons to be employed on the premises and to have business thereon. In no case shall there be less than one space for every 300 square feet of floor area other than warehouse or storage space.
Nursing home, convalescent home or home for the aged: one space for each five beds in the home plus one space for each two employees.
Medical clinic or doctor's office: four spaces for every doctor engaged in practice at the clinic or office.
Restaurant or tavern: one space for every four seats of planned capacity.
Manufacturing or industrial establishment: one space for each two employees, computed on the maximum number of employees at any one time on the premises.
All structures and uses not specifically mentioned above: sufficient space, as approved by the Zoning Officer, shall be provided to accommodate the vehicles of all persons regularly to be employed, to have business on, or to reside on the premises.

§ 320-75 Handicapped parking.

Handicapped accessible parking shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as may be amended from time to time.

§ 320-76 Off-street loading requirements.

Adequate off-street loading and unloading space, as approved by the Zoning Officer, shall be provided on the same premises with every building or part thereof hereafter erected or occupied for any use which involves large-volume receipt or distribution of materials or merchandise by motor vehicle. This space shall be so placed and arranged as to not interfere with the free movement of vehicles and pedestrians over a public road.

§ 320-77 Parking and storage of vehicles.

Automotive vehicles or trailers of any kind or type without current required license plates and current inspection stickers shall not be parked or stored on any property within the Borough unless the same are kept in a completely enclosed accessory building. The requirement of this section shall not be applicable to implements and other vehicles not normally used as conveyance on the public highway.

§ 320-78 Approval of parking and loading plans.

If not required as part of a subdivision or land development plan submission, detailed, scaled drawings of off-street parking and loading areas (except for single- and two-family dwellings) shall be submitted to the Zoning Officer for approval prior to their construction. The drawings shall show each space, dimensions of driveways, aisles and other features required under the provisions of this chapter.

§ 320-79 Parking area reservation.

All off-street parking areas shall be reserved and used for automobile parking only, with no sales, dead storage, repair work, dismantling or servicing of any kind on residential dwelling lots in residential districts. The parking of one commercial vehicle up to one ton is permitted if needed by an individual for his livelihood for a business not conducted on the premises; or one vehicular dwelling is permitted for storage purposes only and is not to be used for sleeping, recreational or living purposes at any time or in any way, shape or form.