City of Sikeston, MO
Scott County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
No person who operates a show, theater or any place of amusement of any kind within the City, where the public is invited to attend, shall permit seats to be placed in the aisles of the place where any moving picture is shown or any show or other amusement is held, nor shall he/she permit an overcrowding of the aisles, foyer or exits by persons standing, nor shall he/she permit a blocking of free egress at the exits or aisles by any manner or means whatever.
No person shall in any alley, street or thoroughfare or near any railway station throw rocks by hand, nor shall he/she throw, shoot or discharge any stone, missile of any description or any thing or substance capable of inflicting injury or causing annoyance, nor shall any person use or have in possession, ready for use, at or in any of the places hereinbefore prohibited, any sling, slingshot, air gun, gas gun, bow and arrow, crossbow or other device for shooting, discharging or throwing any missile.
It is unlawful for any carnival, circus, dog and pony show, skating rink or exhibition of any kind showing under a tent or canvas to set up and show within three hundred (300) feet of any church, schoolhouse, residence, store or store building. The provisions of this Section may be waived by the City Manager or his/her designee upon application by an organization or group prior to an event, for which such waiver is required in accordance with City requirements prescribed by the City Council.
It is unlawful for any person to sow or plant or for any landowner to permit the sowing or planting of any corn or other farm product which may at any time during its growth exceed the height of four (4) feet from the ground upon any vacant lot or plot or tract of ground within the City; provided, that such crops may be planted upon any vacant tract of ground which may be not less than three hundred (300) feet from any building constructed for the purpose of being occupied as a residence of persons; and, provided further, that the provisions of this Section shall not apply to sweet corn grown in gardens nor to popcorn.
It is unlawful for any person to camp upon any street, alley, thoroughfare, lot or public place within the City unless authorized, in writing, by the City Manager or his/her designee.
Any person who lawfully removes books, magazines, records or other property of the Sikeston Public Library by checking out such books, magazines, records or other property upon a duly issued library permit card, hereinafter termed the "borrower", shall return the item or items so checked out on or before the date specified by the librarian or the assistant librarian for each item so checked out. Failure to return any such item on or before the due date shall, in addition to the penalties provided in this Section, subject the borrower to the nominal fine or other penalties provided by the administrative rules of the library. The librarian may, after fourteen (14) days following the date of failure to return to the library any item due, notify the person to whom the item was checked out that it is overdue and that it must be returned forthwith. This notice may be given once by ordinary mail addressed to the borrower as his/her address is shown on his/her library card. If return of the property is not made within seven (7) days following the mailing of such notice, the librarian may cause a complaint to be filed against the borrower in the Sikeston Municipal Court. Any person who fails to return any overdue item or property checked out to him/her within seven (7) days after the mailing of such notice to return such overdue item shall be deemed guilty of a violation of this Section; provided that a person to whom such overdue notice is sent, who is unable to return the property which is overdue because of loss or destruction thereof, may escape prosecution hereunder by paying to the librarian, within the seven (7) day limit above provided, the original cost price of such item as shown on the records of the librarian. A receipt signed by the librarian evidencing such payment shall operate as a bar to prosecution for failure to return such item.
No person not an employee of a railroad company while actually engaged in the performance of his/her duties, shall climb upon, hold to or in any manner attach himself/herself to any railway engine, car or train while the same is in motion, nor shall any such person descend or jump from any railway engine, car or train while the same is in motion.