Borough of Renovo, PA
Clinton County
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Ord. 1
Establishing East and West Sewer Districts, and declaring that sewers would be placed on St. Clair Avenue, Ontario Avenue, Myrtle Street, Pine Street, Locust Street, Spruce Street, Cedar Street, Oak Street, Larch Street, Beech Street, Birch Street, and Hazel Street; and establishing the West Sewer District which would extend from the east side of Third Street to the west side of Tenth Street, and from Ontario Avenue to the river
Ord. 2
Providing for the construction of sewers in the West District of the Borough in accordance with the plan adopted by Ord. 1
Ord. 13
For the purpose of sewerage to be divided into 3 districts
Ord. 14
Providing for a public sewer on St. Clair Avenue, Pine Street, Locust Street, Spruce Street and Ontario Avenue
Ord. 17
Established a second sewer district
Ord. 2/9/1901
Establishing the Second Sewer District from the east line of Eleventh Street to the east Borough line, and from the north Borough line to the south Borough line
Ord. 8/12/1901
Providing for construction of sewers along Huron Avenue, Birch Street, St. Clair Avenue, Ash Street, Hazel Street, and Maple Street
Ord. 653
Approving an agreement and the form thereof between this Borough and certain other municipalities, on the one hand, and the Western Clinton County municipal authority, on the other hand, whereby said authority will covenant to acquire, to construct, to own and to operate certain sanitary sewage collection, transportation, treatment and disposal system facilities required for rendering sewage service in and for this Borough and certain other municipalities
Ord. 654
Granting to the Western Clinton County Municipal Authority certain rights and privileges in, along, over and under streets, roads, lanes, courts, culs-de-sac, alleys, public ways, public squares and other properties of this Borough for use in connection with said authority's sewer system; and providing for regulating the manner in which such rights and privileges shall be exercised
Ord. 656
Authorizing the grant, conveyance, assignment and transfer by this Borough to the Western Clinton County municipal authority, its successors or assigns, of all rent, title and interest of this Borough in and to all facilities constituting the existing sewer system, including all property, real, personal and mixed, used or useful in connection therewith