Town of Woodbury, CT
Litchfield County
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[Adopted 2-28-1977 (Ch. 11, § 11-3, of the Town Code)]
From the first day of November to the first day of May, it shall be illegal for any person to park a motor vehicle within the limits of any street, road or highway within the Town in such manner as to obstruct snow removal.
Any constable, state police officer, or the Director of Public Works, upon discovery of any such illegally parked motor vehicle, shall take such motor vehicle into his custody and may cause the same to be taken to and stored in a suitable place. At the direction of such constable, state police officer or Director of Public Works, such motor vehicle may be removed and towed away by a commercial towing service.
Motor vehicles so removed shall be returned to the owner upon the payment of the cost, if any, of towing and storage.
There shall be no liability attached to such constable, officer or Director of Public Works, for any damages to such motor vehicle while in his custody, and all charges necessarily incurred in the performance of such duty shall be a lien upon such motor vehicle.
Within 48 hours of the time that a motor vehicle is taken into custody and stored, pursuant to this article, the Board of Selectmen shall give written notice to the owner of such motor vehicle, if known, which notice shall state:
That the motor vehicle has been taken into custody and stored;
The location of storage of the motor vehicle; and
The time when and place where said owner may repossess said vehicle.