Town of Holland, WI
Sheboygan County
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[Adopted 11-16-2015 by Ord. No. 2-2015]
[Amended 6-11-2018 by Ord. No. 4-2018]
No person, except law enforcement and emergency personnel, shall park or stop any vehicle in any of the following areas during the times specified:
On either side of that portion of Amsterdam Road from its east end extending west a distance of 1,060 feet, at any time.
On any Interurban Trail parking area, including on Hoftiezer Road, between one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise.
The Town shall erect official no-parking signs at reasonable intervals in the no-parking areas.
Hazard to public safety. Any vehicle parked or stopped in violation of this article is declared to be a hazard to traffic and public safety.
Removal by operator. Any vehicle parked or stopped in violation of this article shall be removed by the operator in charge upon request of a law enforcement officer to a position where parking is permitted.
Removal by traffic officer. A law enforcement officer, after issuing a parking citation for a violation of this article, is authorized to remove an illegally parked vehicle to a position where parking is permitted.
Removal by private service. A law enforcement officer may order a motor carrier holding a permit to perform vehicle towing services, a licensed motor vehicle salvage dealer or a licensed motor vehicle dealer that performs towing services to remove and store an illegally parked vehicle in any facility of the person providing the towing services.
Towing and storage charges. In addition to other penalties provided in this article, the owner or operator of a vehicle removed under this section shall pay the actual cost of moving, towing and storage. If the vehicle is towed or stored by a private motor carrier, motor vehicle salvage dealer or licensed motor vehicle dealer, actual charges regularly paid for such services shall be paid.
[Amended 2-8-2016 by Ord. No. 1-2016]
Forfeitures for uniform statewide parking, stopping and standing offenses. Minimum and maximum forfeitures for nonmoving traffic violations adopted by reference in § 318-4 as described in Chs. 340 to 348, Wis. Stats., shall be found in the current edition of the Revised Uniform State Traffic Deposit Schedule.
Penalty for other nonmoving traffic violations. The penalty for all other nonmoving traffic violations not included under Subsection A above shall be a forfeiture of $50 for the first offense and $100 for a second offense within a one-year period.
[Added 2-8-2016 by Ord. No. 1-2016]
Direct payment of penalty permitted. Persons cited for a nonmoving traffic violation, including but not limited to parking in no-parking areas, parking outside designated hours, improper parking, blocking of a driveway or roadway, unlicensed vehicle, inoperable vehicle or trailer, and abandoned vehicle or trailer, may discharge the penalty and avoid court proceedings by mailing payment of the penalty amount specified in the Town citation to the Town Clerk by United States Mail with postage prepaid within 10 days of the date of the citation.
Court prosecution. If the person cited for a nonmoving traffic violation does not mail the penalty payment to the Town Clerk within 10 days of the date of the Town citation, an authorized law enforcement officer may issue a uniform traffic citation to the violator pursuant to Chapter 14.
Citation form. The Town Clerk shall authorize the printing of Town nonmoving traffic violation citations which may be used in the discretion of the law enforcement officer in enforcing the nonmoving traffic violations identified in Subsection A above. The Town nonmoving traffic violation citation shall contain a statement that the penalty amount is to be paid on or before a listed due date and that failure to pay the penalty amount by the due date will result in formal court action being commenced.