Town of Pinedale, WY
Sublette County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
It shall be unlawful for any person to willfully kill, maim, inhumanely trap, or disfigure any domestic animal or administer any poison to any domestic animals or expose any poisonous substance with the intent that it be devoured by any domestic animal, unless otherwise permitted by law.
It shall be unlawful for:
Any person to knowingly and intentionally mistreat, torture or torment an animal with the intent to cause death, injury or undue suffering; to cruelly overwork, override, beat, injure, mutilate or otherwise abuse any animal; to carry an animal in a cruel or inhumane manner; or having the right and authority, to kill any animal in any way except in a humane manner.
Any person to frighten, scare or torment any animal in an enclosure or on the street by air guns, firecrackers, noisemakers, gestures, motorized vehicles, or other loud noises with the intent to torment the animal.
Any owner to: fail to provide an animal with sufficient quantities of proper food, water, shelter and protection from the weather; neglect an animal; abandon an animal; or fail to provide appropriate veterinary care or sanitary living conditions for an animal.
Any person to cause or encourage a dogfight, cockfight, bullfight, or any other form of combat between animals or between animals and humans; to own, keep, possess or train any bird, fowl, dog or other animal with the intent of engaging or using the animal in an exhibition of fighting; or to permit the same to occur on the premises under his charge or control. Animals so kept, possessed, owned or trained may be subject to forfeiture.
A person to knowingly be present at any place where an exhibition of animal fighting is occurring for amusement or gain.
Any person other than a licensed veterinarian to crop an animal's ear or dock an animal's tail.
A person to leave any animal in an unattended vehicle without adequate ventilation or in such a manner as to subject the animal to extreme temperatures which adversely affect its health or welfare.
A person to utilize a chain, cable or rope to restrain a dog unless it is (a) placed or attached to avoid entanglement with chains of other dogs or any other object; and (b) is at least three times the length of the dog as measured from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail, allowing the dog convenient and safe access to water and protection from the elements.
No person shall leave any animal in a public place without securely fastening such animal, or allow any animal to be picketed or to graze along public thoroughfares where it may be a danger or nuisance, or tie or picket any animal so as to obstruct any sidewalk, street, alley or access to any public place. This section shall not apply to an animal engaged in the performance of law enforcement duties or a certified service animal.
All dogs shall be kept under restraint when off the property of the owner. However, no owner of any dog shall restrain the dog with a leash, cord, chain, rope or other device and then secure such leash, cord, chain, rope or other device to any vehicle, mailbox, post or other structure adjacent to any roadway, doorway, pathway or sidewalk, that would allow said dog to interfere with vehicular or pedestrian traffic along any public roadway, pathway, sidewalk or entrance to any building frequented by the general public. This section shall not apply to any service dog accompanying any handicapped person or a police dog in the performance of law enforcement duties.
It is unlawful for any person to release animals to be at large, or fail to close any gate which he or she has opened by which animals may escape.
It shall be the owner's or lessor's responsibility to maintain and repair all fences around any animal enclosure, making certain that the animal can neither open the gate nor jump over or dig under the fence.
All horse riders and horse-drawn vehicles are required to respect and follow the traffic ordinances of the Town unless otherwise stated and except those that by their very nature do not apply.
Any motorist, while operating a vehicle, who collides with a domestic animal shall stop and immediately report the incident to either the animal's owner, or in the event the owner cannot be ascertained and located, to an Animal Control Officer or law enforcement. In the event a motorist collides with a wild animal, he or she shall stop and immediately report the incident to the Sublette County Sheriff's Office or to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.
Definitions. As used in this section, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Any human food, pet food, hay, forage product or supplement, grain, seed or birdseed, garbage, or other attractant.
No person shall knowingly or intentionally provide supplemental feed attractants to deer, antelope, or moose, unless specifically authorized by an agency of either the State of Wyoming or the United States of America.
A person engaged in any of the following activities is not subject to liabilities under this section:
A person engaged in the normal feeding of livestock;
A person engaged in the cultivation of a lawn or garden;
Any health official, law enforcement officer, or a state or federal game official acting within the scope of his/her official duties; and
A person engaged in bird feeding where the bird food is made unavailable to the animals specified in Subsection B of this section.