Town of Pinedale, WY
Sublette County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The individual property owner is responsible for the maintenance and repair of service lines or laterals from the point of connection at the Town's water/sewer main to the private connection.
The property owner shall be responsible for performance of and payment for the work necessary to thaw all frozen water and sewer service laterals between the private connection and point of connection with the main. The Town shall be responsible for thawing all main lines.
The owner of the property being served by a damaged or leaking service lateral or Buffalo Box shall be responsible for repair.
Upon notification or discovery of any damaged or leaking water valve, the Public Works Supervisor shall notify the property owner and cause such box to be repaired. If the Town conducts the repair, the cost of such repair, plus 10% to cover administrative costs, shall be billed to the property owner served by the box. Any such bill which remains unpaid more than 60 days shall be collected in the same manner as a special assessment. All repairs shall be inspected by the Town before backfill has begun.
The property owner shall not be responsible for repairing damaged water and sewer lines where such damage is caused by negligence of the Town or its authorized agent.
As water meters are the property of landowners, landowners are responsible for removing and storing water meters from any location when heat will not be provided to the location during a period of time when the water meter may be subject to freezing temperatures and the property is going to be otherwise winterized. Landowners are also responsible for reinstallation of the water meter when water service is restored.
Any water meter damaged due to freezing where heat is not provided by a landowner or due to improper storage shall be repaired or replaced at the cost of the landowner and the Town shall not have any responsibility or liability for any damage therefrom.
The Town will test water meters should a customer request to do so; but if the meter is found to be correct, the customer will be charged as set by resolution for such testing. If the meter is found to be faulty and giving incorrect readings, the Town will waive the testing fee, the meter will be replaced by the Town and the Town will adjust the bill for the previous use period to reflect the minimum charge of the base rate only.