City of Sikeston, MO
Scott County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Generally

Section 701.001  

Section 701.005 Purpose And Intent.

Section 701.010 Definitions.

Section 701.020 Applicability.

Section 701.030 Responsibility For Administration.

Section 701.040 Responsibility For Administration.

Section 701.050 Regulatory Consistency.

Section 701.060 Ultimate Responsibility Of Discharger.

Section 701.070 through Section 701.190. (Reserved)

Article II Discharge Prohibitions

Section 701.200 Prohibition Of Illegal Discharges.

Section 701.210 Prohibition Of Illegal Connections.

Section 701.220 Waste Disposal Prohibitions.

Section 701.230 Discharges In Violation Of Industrial Or Construction Activity NPDES Storm Water Discharge Permit.

Section 701.240 through Section 701.290. (Reserved)

Article III Regulations And Requirements

Section 701.300 Requirement To Prevent, Control And Reduce Storm Water Pollutants.

Section 701.310 Requirement To Eliminate Illegal Discharges.

Section 701.320 Requirement To Eliminate Or Secure Approval For Illicit Connections.

Section 701.330 Watercourse Protection.

Section 701.340 Requirement To Remediate.

Section 701.350 Requirement To Monitor And Analyze.

Section 701.360 Notification Of Spills.

Section 701.370 through Section 701.390. (Reserved)

Article IV Inspection and Monitoring

Section 701.400 Authority To Inspect.

Section 701.410 Authority To Sample, Establish Sampling Devices, And Test.

Section 701.420 through Section 701.490. (Reserved)

Article V Enforcement

Section 701.500 Notice Of Violation.

Section 701.510 Appeal.

Section 701.520 Abatement By The City.

Section 701.530 Charging Cost Of Abatement/Liens.

Section 701.540 Urgency Abatement.

Section 701.550 Violations.

Section 701.560 Compensatory Action.

Section 701.570 Violations Deemed A Public Nuisance.

Section 701.580 Acts Potentially Resulting In A Violation Of The Federal Clean Water Act And/Or Missouri Clean Water Law.