Village of Oakfield, NY
Genesee County
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[Adopted 2-22-2016 by L.L. No. 1-2016]
This article is adopted pursuant to New York Municipal Home Rule Law.
The Village of Oakfield is the owner of two parcels located at 15 through 19 Main Street, Oakfield, NY, identified by Tax Map numbers 2.-1-30 and 2.-1-31, comprising approximately 0.357 acres. These two parcels are used as a municipal parking lot ("municipal lot"). There are approximately 34 spots in the municipal lot and the Village Board would like to use 18 of these spots to promote local businesses.
The Board of Trustees of the Village of Oakfield enacts this article to promote the general welfare of its constituents to:
Provide easier access to local businesses;
Assist long-standing, "grandfathered" businesses with parking since they have no off-street parking and no opportunity to create off-street parking;
To support a spirit of cooperation concerning the use of limited parking spaces in the municipal lot; and
To promote the marketability of parcels in the main business district.
Each of the following businesses are allocated one parking space in the municipal lot for every 6,405 square feet of space in its business building. However, each business shall receive a minimum of two parking spaces in the municipal lot. The following table shows the allocation of parking spaces:
Owner (Business)
Building Size
(square feet)
Spaces Allocated
Ognibene Associates, LLC (office and hair salon)
11-13 Main Street
Tax Map No. 2.-1-32
Jerry Warner (Warner's Flower Shop)
21 Main Street
Tax Map No. 2.-1-29.2
TZJ Properties, LLC (Caryville Inn)
25 Main Street
Tax Map No. 2.-1-29.1
Family Plaza, LLC (Dance Images and laundromat)
33-35 Main Street
Tax Map No. 2.-1-26
Zigrossi Properties, LLC (Santino's Pizza)
2 Main Street
Tax Map No. 2.-1-36
Ognibene Associates, LLC (Crazy Cheap Cars)
8 Main Street
Tax Map No. 2.-1-37.111
If a new commercial business operates at one of the properties above, it shall have the same right to the allocated spaces in § 260-10. If commercial business operations at the parcels named above cease, the allocated spaces shall be deemed immediately forfeited. Further, if a property becomes residential and/or noncommercial in character, the allocated spaces shall be deemed immediately forfeited. Any other amendments to this article shall be enacted by local law adopted by the Board of Trustees.
The invalidity of any clause, sentence, paragraph or provision of this article shall not invalidate any other clause, sentence, paragraph or part hereof.