Township of Springfield, PA
Mercer County
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[Adopted 6-3-1974 by Ord. No. 1-1974]
[Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I)]
In accordance with the provisions of 53 P.S. § 67322, as amended, no railroad or street railway shall hereafter be constructed upon any Township road, nor shall any railroad or street railway crossings nor any gas pipe, water pipe, electric conduits or other piping, be laid upon or in, nor shall any telephone, telegraph, or electric light or power poles, or any coal tipples or any other obstructions be erected upon or in, any portion of a Township road except under such conditions, restrictions and regulations relating to the installation and maintenance thereof, as may be prescribed in permits granted by the Township for such purpose.
The application for a permit shall be on a form prescribed by the Township and submitted to the Township in triplicate. The application shall be accompanied by a fee in accordance with the schedule of fees set forth by the Department of Transportation for highway occupancy permits and restoration charges. In addition, the applicant shall submit three copies of a sketch showing such dimensions as the location of the intended facility, width of the traveled roadway, right-of-way lines and a dimension to the nearest intersecting street.
A permit shall be issued to the applicant after all the aforementioned requirements have been filed.
Upon completion of the work, the applicant shall give written notice thereof to the Township.
Upon completion of the work authorized by the permit, the Township shall inspect the work and, when necessary, enforce compliance with the conditions, restrictions and regulations prescribed by the permit. Where any settlement or defect in the work occurs, if the applicant shall fail to rectify any such settlement or other defect within 60 days after written notice from the Township to do so, the Township may do the work and shall impose upon the applicant the cost thereof, together with an additional 20% of such cost.
Any person, firm, corporation or utility which shall violate any of the provisions of this article shall be subject, upon conviction before a Magisterial District Judge, to pay a fine of not more than $100 and cost of prosecution, and in default of the payment of such fine and costs to imprisonment in the County jail for not more than five days.