Borough of Akron, PA
Lancaster County
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Approving the form of and authorizing the execution of an agreement amending an existing agreement dated January 12, 1967, with the Borough of Ephrata, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania providing for the treatment by the Borough of Ephrata of Sewage and Wastes emanating from the Borough of Akron collection system under the terms therein set forth
Designating a sewer project as a project to be undertaken by Akron Borough authority; granting permission to the authority to construct sewers and force mains in public streets, alleys and highways; authorizing the execution of a lease between the authority and the Borough whereunder the authority will agree to construct such project, and will lease the sewer system to the Borough, and whereunder, among other things, the Borough will agree to pay certain regular quarterly rentals, impose certain sewer rents, segregate sewer revenues, make provision for deficits out of current revenues, pay over surplus sewer revenues as additional rentals and operate, maintain, and repair said sewer system; authorizing the opening of a separate sewer revenue account; and authorizing other necessary actions
Providing for cooperation under the Act of July 12, 1972, No. 180 and specifically receiving and agreeing to perform within the Township of Ephrata all functions, powers and responsibilities of Ephrata Township relating solely to sanitary sewer systems pursuant to Parts 15 and 15-A of the Second Class Township Code in the area bounded by the Borough of Akron, Pennsylvania Travel Route 272 and the Reading Railroad
Approving a wastewater treatment capacity financing agreement between the Boroughs of Akron, Denver and Ephrata, the Township of East Cocalico and East Cocalico Township Authority
Amending Ord. 277, by increasing certain charges imposed for sewer service
Amending Ord. 277, by increasing certain charges imposed for sewer service
Authorizing a first supplemental wastewater treatment services agreement among Boroughs of Ephrata, Denver, and Akron and Township of East Cocalico
Directing execution of "first amendment" to wastewater treatment services agreement dated January 1, 1981
Administrative agreement to ordinance governing admission of industrial waste into the sewage system
Modifying an agreement entered March 3, 1969, between Akron Borough Authority as lessee and Borough of Akron as lessor providing for the construction and lease of a sanitary sewer system in the Borough requiring the Authority to surrender the sewer system to the Borough upon termination of the lease or upon 6 months advance written notice, effective upon the Borough paying the Authority's debt
Approving an amendment to a wastewater treatment services agreement dated January 19, 1981, originally between the Borough of Akron, Borough of Denver, Township of East Cocalico, East Cocalico Township Authority, and Ephrata Borough Authority, by allowing the addition of a certain type of metering of sewer flows from Akron's Collection System ultimately flowing to the Ephrata Sewage Treatment Plant and ratifying the previous agreement between the parties, as so amended